MMA | Nikolay Aleksakhin Age And Wikipedia- How Old Is He?

Russain MMA fighter Nikolay Aleksakhin was born on 29th January 1991, making him 31 years old. Growing up in Bryansk, Russia, he stood taller than his peers at six feet nine inches and weighed 170 lbs. 

As a young child, he grew interested in flimsy matches and worked hard to secure himself a genuine job on the field. 

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Who Is The Partner Or Girlfriend Of Nikolay Aleksakhin- Is He Dating Anyone?

Nikolay Aleksakhin has yet to speak about a partner or a girlfriend as he keeps a low profile on his social media. 

Indeed, he is someone who does not show off his fancy gyms or the gang of trainers but labors on himself without the prying eyes of his opponents.

What Is The Net Worth Of Nikolay Aleksakhin- Earning Explored 2022

As of 2022, the net worth of Nikolay Aleksakhin is still under review, but he has disclosed his career earnings to be no less than fifty thousand dollars USD. He made his entry into the MMA after getting affiliated with the team. Alexander Nevsky Club.

His career began once he fought Vadim Korablin in the 2011 Way Of A Warrier battles. Unfortunately, the dispute ended in a loss as the match was over in just 31 seasons. After his humiliating defeat, he came back with a vengeance, winning the fight back to back, facing Vladimir GonsharovRoman MironenkoDaniil ElfimovArtem ShokaloDmitriy Kromm, and even Pavel Berioza, before he got defeated by Kirill Sukhomlinov in 2012.

Since then, he has reached a stable position in his career as he has 26 wins with six losses. 

Meet Nikolay Aleksakhin On Intagram

Nikolay Aleksakhin is not present on Instagram as he keeps a low profile, but you can find him on his Twitter account @aleksakhinmma, where he has 33 followers.

From his followers count, it’s evident not many people know of his skills, but we are sure he would find a boost in fandom.