Liam Fyfe And Sheridan – Nat Fyfe Siblings, Parents David & Christine

Fremantle captain Nat Fyfe grew up with his siblings Liam and Sheridan Fyfe in a happy family.

While he has talked less about his family members, the other Fyfe’s are equally popular among the AFL fandom. With Nat’s growing fandom reach and influence, the people around him have also become well-known among the media and public.

After all, the footy player has been the irreplaceable captain of the Fremantle Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL) since the 2017 season. He has held onto his position despite many injuries and missing many games for the past few years.

Moreover, he is also an impressive two-time Brownlow Medal winner, two times Leigh Matthews Trophy recipient, three-time All-Australian, and three-time Doig Medallist.

Nat has been with the Dockers since 2010 and was nominated for the 2010 AFL Rising Star award in Round 9 of the 2010 season, the year he debuted in the league.

With more than a decade of experience with the team, he stands as one of the most veteran and experienced players on the field.

In such situations, it is only given that the people related to him have become a celebrity among Nat’s thousands of fans over time.

AFL: Nat Fyfe Grew Up With His Privacy Loving Brother Liam Fyfe In Western Australia

The respected Dockers captain Nat has a brother named Liam Fyfe, whose face is mainly unknown to the world.

While Nathan has been a public figure for over a decade, his brother tends to stay away from being a celebrity family member. In fact, Liam has completely backed off from interacting with the media and concealing his face.

Moreover, he is not active on any social media platforms and is happy and engaged with his life and career.

However, ABC South West reported in 2019 that both Fyfe brothers accompanied their father in his transport business since childhood.

Both brothers were supposed to take over the business, but Nat has also given down his part of the duty to Liam due to his rugby football career.

Hence, the AFL-famed player has also kept his brother and other family members away from the unwanted limelight, respecting their line of work for the best.

It could be that Liam attends each of Nat’s games and cheers him on for the win; however, he does not make any special appearances on camera at the same.

Thus, his constant support and understanding of his famous brother have not been on camera, but the two share a close bond as brothers.

After all, they all share the same family and another sibling, a sister named Sheridan.

On the same note, the whole Fyfe family usually maintains their distance from the public notice though the AFL universe is well aware of their presence in the field and Nat’s life.

Dockers Captain Nat Fyfe Is Close With His Sister Sheridan Fyfe

The three-time All-Australian Nat Fyfe also has a sister named Sheridan along with his brother Liam.

Both his siblings have decided to keep apart from the broad media and public curiosity as of 2022. The three were born to the same parents and grew up alongside each other.

However, Nat has not given complete insights into his childhood beside his two lovely siblings. Sheridan Fyfe is the only daughter of the Australian Fyfe family and is also the youngest of her brothers. 

She is available on Instagram under the username @sheridanfyfe_ but runs a private handle, limiting her posts to her selected followers.

Hence, much into the Fyfe siblings has not reached the Instagrammers who are eagerly waiting for a siblings bonding scene from the Fyfe siblings trio.

Likewise, Nat’s Instagram is mainly dedicated to pictures from his games and promotional shoots.

Aside from that, he does not post on his folks as he cares for their privacy from the wide sports media and AFL viewers.

Therefore, Liam and Sheridan are busy with their lives and careers but have not stopped looking after their brother.

Nat Fyfe Was Heavily Influenced By His Father David’s Life Teachings In His Childhood

David Fyfe gave rise to the family of a successful family business, the country’s best football player, Nat, and much more.

This family believes in family bonding apart from fame and other things. Hence, the West Australia famed Fyfe family is a great example of an accepting and healthy family.

For that matter, Nat’s father, David, still runs his trucking business and has gained quite a face.

Moreover, he is one of the few Nat’s family members to have been interviewed by the media regarding the player’s family background.

The Fyfe’s are from Lake Grace and are proud of their background though the place is a rural place with a small density of people.

Fyfe senior looked well after his sons and taught them a valuable lesson to “Just Work Hard.” in life. Little Nat took these words by heart and has not been able to look back.

Hence, his successful AFL career is a result of his hard work, a lesson taught by his father.

David is a keen watcher of AFL and does not always miss cheering on his son. However, things were not the same once upon a time when Nat told his parents about his AFL career plan.

His parents were not happy when the AFL player asked to attend a school in Perth to further his sports career.

Today, he is happy to see his son progress and is considered one of the country’s top players. Hence, David senior called for an amazing tika and kept their family values and traditions.

His friendliness and openness regarding his childhood days of Nat won many hearts in 2019 when he had interviewed with Albany Advertiser.

All-Australian Fyfe’s Mother Christine Is In A Happy And Long Marriage With David

While Nat’s father, David, has been covered by the media, his mother, Christine Fyfe, remains out of reach.

The Fyfe matriarch is thankful for her family time outside the media reach and is okay not to be on camera. However, David had mentioned her during his 2019 interview.

The couple had stayed the whole night in 2019 when Nat had won his second Brownlow Medal but was quick to doze off when their winning son called.

Both congratulated their son, saying, “well done,” but Christine quickly told him that she would talk to him the next day and slept right after.

Nat had shared this hilarious incident but was still thankful for his parents’ presence in his life. Christine, David, and Liam are keen AFL watchers and mainly cheer on Nat the whole time.

However, the Dockers fans have not been able to get a glimpse into Christine’s face even after these many years. Even so, Mrs. Fyfe may soon give in to her son’s beloved fan demands and make a public appearance no time soon.

After David’s interview, anything on Christine has not reached her AFL star player son’s fans.

The Fremantle Captain Nat Fyfe May Take Time To Share His Parents And Family Pictures

Nat Fyfe is a considerable man when it comes to publically sharing his parents and family pictures in public.

Hence, he has not done it yet despite his fans’ countless demands of getting a little closer to the complete Fyfe family.

Aside from his father’s presence in his life and AFL career, Nat was once open about his previous relationship with Elli Bradshaw. The pair was seen in January 2016 tennis at the 2016 Hopman Cup in Perth.

Before that, they were on the 2015 Brownlow Medal red carpet though they are no longer together.

Today, he is rumored to be dating his close friend Ellyse Perry, the fantastic Australian sportswoman. She is the first and youngest Australian to have participated in the ICC and FIFA World Cups while playing international cricket.

Perry also holds the record for the highest Test score by an Australian woman. While these two sports people have been linked often, they have not confirmed the rumors of them dating.

In short, Nat is quite a man of privacy who prefers keeping his loved ones away from unwanted attention and limelight.

Hence, his choice of not sharing his family pictures and photos of someone he loves is quite considerable. 

Some FAQs

Who Are Nat Fyfe Siblings?

Nat Fyfe has two siblings, a brother named Liam Fyfe and a sister name Sheridan Fyfe, both from his parents.

Who Are Nat Fyfe Parents?

The Fremantle captain was born to his Australian parents, father David and mother Christine Fyfe on September 18, 1991.

Where Do Nat Fyfe And His Family Come From?

Nat Fyfe and his parents are originally from Western Australia and the footballer was born in Lake Grace.