Lisa Curry Illness And Health Update: What Happened To Australian Former Swimmer

Lisa Curry is a former Australian swimmer & her health condition has become a concern for everyone. As some are saying, she is ill.

Lisa Curry is popularly known as a golden girl by thousand of her fans and swimming enthusiasts worldwide because of her gold medal wins.

In a famous television show, Australian Story on ABC, she will be explaining her life journey and her condition after the loss of her daughter.

What Illness Is Lisa Curry Fighting With Currently?

Lisa Curry recently shared about the sudden death of her daughter Jiami due to a long-term illness. Still, Lisa is physically fine and does not have any serious problems.

Although she had her heart surgery done in 2008 to implant a heart defibrillator, she has no recent complications. She has been the epitome of fitness enthusiasm from her active career days, and even after retirement, she has continuously chosen to keep herself fit with exercises and yoga.

Despite having good health physically, her brain was mostly occupied with the thought of her daughter after her death as she was very close with her right from her birth. This concerned everyone around her that she might harm herself because of this inevitable loss. However, based on her recent television interview, we can easily conclude that she is banding together and attempting to find a new purpose for her life journey.

Lisa Curry Weight Loss And Health Update In 2022

After her daughter’s demise, Lisa Curry began losing some weight because she constantly kept thinking about her, gradually affecting her health. 

As of now, she is slowly regaining her weight and taking good care of her health just like before, but since the end of the year 2020, she has kept herself away from other people, and it was very hard for her other family members to keep her in the stronger feet.

She currently follows a strict diet plan, involves herself in different fitness regimes, and motivates others to get fit & stay healthy for longer life.

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How Outspoken Is Lisa Curry About Her Family Details?

We can get to know ample details about the family of Lisa Curry on the web as she has been extremely open about her family.

Her mother, Pat, and father, Roy Curry, were the main person who motivated her to get into the sports of swimming right from a young age. Similarly, she does not have any siblings, but her parents raised her, providing an adequate love for her which she is currently transferring to her children and grandchildren.

Also, we can follow her on Instagram under @lisacurry, where she often shares pictures of her beautiful family, and everyone cherishes finding out about it.

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