Marc Marquez New Girlfriend 2022: Lucia Rivera Age Difference and Net Worth

Marc Marquez was in a relationship with a Spanish model, Lucia Rivera Rome. However, they have broken things off and he is currently single.

A professional motorcycle racer, Marc Marquez Lenta has competed for the Sonda Factory Team since his debut for the Sotogrande in 2013. At 28, he found great success and started his career. He already has several Grand Slam world championships to his name. In terms of motor racing, Marquez is revered as a hero.

Marc Marquez New Girlfriend 2022: Lucia Rivera Age Difference

March Marquez and Spanish model Lucia Rivera Rome has an age gap of 1 year.

Marc is currently single after dating Lucia for a long time. Marc was in a relationship with A Spanish model Lucia Rivera Rome. It is well known that Arc’s girlfriend was adopted by her father, a well-known Polish bullfighter. Cayetano Rivera and her mother are seen approaching Lanco Romero in 2001.

Although they all work in a profession where news is spread throughout the media, Marc maintains an intimate relationship with his subjects. The Moto GP rider Marc Marquez and Lucia Rivera’s relationship ended, and neither has spoken about it. Lucia is the daughter of Blanca.

Romero and Cayetano Rivera. Before the young model finally broke her silence in a direct Instagram post gathered by various media outlets like La Vanguardia. His followers started messaging him to inquire about his thoughts on the most recent rumors that the pilot had found a new love.

Among all the MotoGP stars, Marc Marquez is the top rider with the priciest contract. Lucia Rivera, a Spanish model, and Marc were dating. Due to his skilled riding, the 29-year-old rider has attained great fame. But he was unable to control his marriage. He has not yet disclosed that he is dating anyone or made any relationship announcements.

Whereas Maverick Vinales, With his wife Raquel Subira, one of the highest-paid MotoGP competitors, is living the good life. The couple wed in 2021 and enjoyed a happy life with their daughter Nina. Due to his prior relationship with Cristina Llovera, Maverick continued to make headlines. However, in 2019, they parted ways. The Spanish rider makes a base salary of $10 million while competing for Aprilia.

Also, Marc’s friend Pol Espargaro The Spanish rider, is currently not dating anyone because he enjoys his relationship with Carlota Bertan Crous. Following Pol’s tragic accident in 2018, both began dating. Carlota assisted Pol in getting better. In 2020, she gave birth to a girl. Pol has a contract with Honda and is working to improve his performance for the upcoming season.

Marc Marquez Net Worth

Twenty-one years after buying his first motorcycle when he was four years old, Marc Marquez is considered worth $35 million.

Marquez competes in the Spanish Grand Prix on a motorcycle with the number 93 for the Repsol Honda team. He began his career in April 2008, and as of this writing, he is leading the MotoGP standings in terms of points. Marc Marquez is the second-richest MotoGP competitor, with a net worth of $35 million. He currently works for the Repsol Honda team and receives an annual salary of about $10 million. The value of his endorsements is $2.5 million.

Marquez is the owner of numerous luxury vehicles, primarily BMWs. The BMW M6 Coupe is one of his most prized possessions. His collection includes a customized BMW M4 Coupe and a BMW M6 convertible.

Marquez is prepared to leave his Spanish home and purchase his first home. He has decided to relocate to Andorra, where he will be required to pay an entrance fee of roughly $60,000 and a fixed tax of approximately $35,000 for his first three years of residence. Marc is undoubtedly one of the greatest athletes the sport has ever seen, even though he may not be the wealthiest athlete right now.

Thanks to his racing prowess, he is currently at the top of the rankings. He might soon find himself at the top of the wealth list.

Intresting Things To Know About Marc Marquez

  • He got his First ride(motorcycle) when he was four years old.
  • Marc began his professional racing career in dirt racing. He participated in the kid’s Enduro when he was five because there wasn’t a motocross division for kids his age. Marc finished second in the 2000 Catalan Motocross Championship; the following year, he won the championship in the Initiation Motocross division.
  • Marc Marquez dominated the field when he first entered the MotoGP in 2013. Along the way to his historic title victory, he set numerous records. In his first season, the 20-year-old won the world championship in the premier class, making him the first rookie to do so since Kenny Roberts in 1978.
  • Currently, Marc Marquez holds the record for being the youngest rider to win the MotoGP world championship. 
  • Marc Marquez’s strenuous fitness regimen demonstrates his determination to become the greatest in the sport’s history.
  • Marc has won eight Grand Prix Championships since 2021, with six victories in the top MotoGP division. He ranks sixth among all winners but still has a long way to go before he matches the legendary Giacomo Agostini’s fifteen championships. However, in the premier class, only Giacomo (eight) and Valentino Rossi (seven) have garnered more victories.
  • Many athletes are renowned for having pre-event rituals that they adhere to. Although he does not consider himself superstitious, Marc Marquez has admitted to engaging in pre-race ways. Marc has to get dressed in the same order every Sunday because he wears blue pants for practice and red ones for the race.
  • Marc is donning a helmet with an ant-like pattern on the top. It turns out that there is more to this than meets the eye; he recognizes ants. His managers made a big deal by taking him to the doctor to ensure that he would grow a little more by the time he turned fifteen.

Some FAQs

Who is Marc Marquez?

Marc Márquez Alentà is a Spanish professional Grand Prix motorcycle road racer, who has raced for Honda’s factory team since his MotoGP debut in 2013.

Who is Marc Marquez Girlfriend?

Marc Marquez is dating spanish model Lucia Rivera Rome.

When did Marc Marquez began his career?

Marc Marquez was just nine years old when he began his career as a racer.