Maryland Soccer Coach Sasho Cirovski Has An Annual Salary Of $573,000.

Maryland soccer coach Sasho Cirovski has an annual salary of $573,000. Sasho has almost 20 years of coaching experience at the University of Maryland.

Since his 1993 arrival in College Park, Cirovski has turned Maryland into a top soccer powerhouse. Likewise, he guided the Terps to the NCAA championships in 2018, 2008, and 2005, as well as nine College Cup berths and 15 conference crowns, while generating multiple top-level professional talents.

Currently, in his 30th season at Maryland, the 2018 Top Drawer Soccer National Coach of the Year and 2005 NSCAA National Coach of the Year has ingrained his desire for perfection in a soccer team that expects to contend for the national championship each season.

With unique, creative concepts and plans, he aims to improve the college game nationally. Additionally, he has elevated Maryland to the top creator of professional soccer talent among US college teams.

Maryland Soccer Coach Sasho Cirovski Salary Worth Of $573,000

Sasho Cirovski has a yearly salary of $573,000 as the coach employed under the University of Maryland, as reported by Govsalaries.

It further noted that the compensation is 1,147 percent greater than the national average and 2,505 percent more significant than the median wage at the University of Maryland.

Essentially, his compensation was quickly boosted in the following years as compared to his 2017 earnings, which were roughly $438,000. Cirovski has spent most of his coaching career, nearly 20 years, with Maryland.

Besides, Maryland has made 27 trips to the NCAA Tournament during his career with the Terps, making it to the College Cup in nine of those years, including four consecutive from 2002 to 2005, culminating in the NCAA championship in 2005.

As the top-ranked team in the country to start the year, Cirovski’s team made the NCAA Tournament for the 25th time during his coaching career in 2019.

Coach Sasho Cirovski Salary After The 2020 Pay Cuts

Cirovski, who earned roughly $602,000 as a soccer coach at the university in 2017, was among the coaches whose compensation was reduced, per 247 Sports

During the pandemic, thirteen coaches at the University of Maryland, together with the athletic director, consented to salary cutbacks of up to 10% owing to a predicted income loss of $35 million to $65 million.

His current records indicate that his earnings have been reduced from the first six figures ($600,000) to the first five figures ($500,000), which might be due to salary cuts to deal with income loss during the coronavirus epidemic.

Similarly, Maryland Athletics launched a fundraising campaign in the first week of October, urging contributors to help finance “the higher operational expenditures they face for student-athlete care” as a result of the coronavirus.

Cirovski Father Took A Line Of Credit To Fund His Son’s Playing Career

It wasn’t an easy shift for the Cirovskis, who frequently skipped meals on Wednesdays and Thursdays. While waiting for their Friday paychecks, Cirovski’s parents were jobless for 26 months, beginning when he was 12.

According to DBKnews, his father and mother have sacrificed a lot for him and his siblings, often skipping their meals to ensure the kids had enough to eat.

Meanwhile, they constantly ensured Cirovski was athletic since he participated in soccer at W.D. Lowe High School in Windsor.

Cirovski’s father set up a credit line at a local convenience shop and borrowed money to sponsor his youngest son’s playing career. Even if he had to go a long distance to play soccer, his family would find a way to get him there.

While navigating the trail, he got disillusioned, so much so that he approached Ferguson after his freshman year to request another audition with Aberdeen. Although Ferguson agreed, Cirovski’s family couldn’t afford the $1,200 airline ticket. So he remained in Milwaukee for two more years in a futile program.