Masters of Public Health in Canada: How to Enroll

Canada is one of the best places to study. The country is welcoming to international students from all continents of the world. Virtually all the schools in Canada are top class and many of them are among the best 100 universities in the world.

Do you desire a master’s degree in public health? Canada is one of the best places o go. Many schools offer masters degree program in public health and you will love the experience of studying there.

Many disciplines can get involved in public health.  It is associated with the field of life sconces and it can help in ensuring national health.  The knowledge gained in the course of your study can be useful in informing the population as well as promoting preventive treatments.

You can equally use your knowledge to give advice for healthy living. As a public health master’s degree graduate in Canada, you can stay back in Canada to work. You can be employed in a number of industries in the country, like pharmaceutical companies, research companies, NGOs and even nursing.

There are several other aspects where your master’s degree in public health can be applied.

Duration of studies

The tine it taken to complete your masters degree program in public health depends on the school in which you register.  In some universities, it may take 17 months to complete the program.

Some other schools have duration of 24 months. There are yet some other schools that round off their master’s degree program in public health within just 16 months. Some universities do allow students to study only for 13 months and such students will be offered master’s degree honors in public health.

This is only made available for students that do not have premium finances and time. Contact the university and find out what applies to them before you commence with your registration. You can get such information from their websites.

Online and offline programs

Many of the universities in Canada that are offering masters’ degree program in public health do provide both classroom module and online learning modules. There are some other universities that combine the two together.

You can best your last dime on it that those that register for the classroom module will not in any way be better than those that register only of the online module, since they are given the same kind of teaching. It is left for you to go for any that best suits your daily plan.

The part-time options

Instead of going for the full-time master’s degree program in public health in Canada, you can also opt for the part-time program. In most instances, the part-time program takes between 24 and 29 months to complete. It may take longer in some other schools.

How to register

There are many universities in Canada where you can study for master’s degree program in public health. Visit the school website and find out if they offer the course. Afterwards, find out if you have all the requirements needed for admission into that program and that institution.

Afterwards, find out if the university has commenced registration for master’s degree programs in public health.  If they have not commenced, find out when they will begin. Also find out about the deadline for registration.

It is also very important to find out about the feeds you have to pay for the program; different Canadian universities charge different fees for master’s degree program in public health. If the portal is already opened for registration, you should commence without delay. Fill the registration form online and provide all the required documents.

Do not forget that you need to get your transcript ready and send it down to the school through the university where you obtained your undergraduate bachelor’s degree.  Do not also forget to make your international passport available, since it will be required for registration.

You can visit any Immigration Office close to you to process the international passport.

Admission requirements

Fees and duration vary from one Canadian university to another, as hinted earlier. The same thing applies to admission requirements. It is very important to find out what the particular institution demands for before you commence registration with them for your masters degree program in public health.

Some of the general requirements will be highlighted below.

  • Evidence of completion of undergraduate degree. Most Canadian universities demand that the student has GPA of 3.0 minimum in the final 2 years of the said degree.
  • Between 3 and 5 years of working experience in related field. Many prefer the working experience to be in leadership roles.
  • You must demonstrate English language proficiency via good thinking and analytical ability. You are required to sit for ESL, which is English as a Second Language, examination. You can also be accessed based on your TOEFL score. Applicants are required to score minimum of 105 in TOEFL. You can also be accessed based on IELTS score, which must not be less than 7.5. In instances like this, the student is offered direct entry into MA leadership program. You will only be qualified to apply for the pre-master program if you score less than the above in both TOEFL and IELTS.
  • Your transcript must also be sent to the Canadian university by the university where you did your undergraduate degree program.
  • The Personal Detail page of your international passport

All these documents must be scanned and attached to the online form you fill on the schools website. The form and these documents can be sent directly on the website of the school.

There are times they also demands that you print out the form and send it via airmail or email. Just make sure you follow any specific direction given by the university on their website.


Scholarship is made available for both local and international students by many Canadian universities. Some private bodies too do provide scholarships for students offering masters degree program in public health.

Find out about this and register for any of the scholarships that meet with your  qualifications.  The scholarships come in various categories; some may be partial, while some other ones may be full scholarship covering your entire study duration.