Who is Meghan Maloof from Drive Hard Netflix? : Wiki Age Family

Stunt racer Meghan Maloof from Drive Hard Netflix is making the audience curious to know about her wiki, age, and family details.

Meghan Maloof is drawing the attention of the audience after the trailer release of Drive Hard premiering on Netflix. Meghan has a twin sister too named, Kaitlyn, who is also a professional stunt racer like Meghan.

Likewise, she has another sister too, Hannah, who has already appeared on Netflix’s Fastest Car, a car racing reality series broadcasted in the year 2018. Just like her sisters, breaking the stereotypes of boys like cars, Meghan has been a big-time automobile enthusiast.

Meghan Maloof is the daughter of her father, Sammy Maloof who is an engine builder, car racer, and reality television star, and her mother, Jessica Maloof. Meghan was born and raised in California, the United States of America along with her sisters.

Meghan has not revealed her age or actual birth date and has also kept her details a bit private. Meghan is a stunning girl who is guessed to be around the age of 22-26 as per her appearance. The stunt racer is a bit of a quiet and introverted person who loves to be away from cameras and media.

Meet Meghan Maloof on her Instagram

Meghan Maloof has a secretive life but enjoys posting about herself on her social media handle on Instagram.

Meghan has not been quite fond of the limelight and prefers to stay on her grounds away from all fame and popularity. She believes in working where her passion leads without the greed of earning fame.

Meghan has been in the show Drive Hard: The Maloof Way just because it’s a show that her family has started, in the show too we can see her doing her part of the work without seeking any unnecessary attention from anyone.

One thing Meghan is fond of rather than stunt racing is, posting on social media. Meghan loves to post about her day-to-day snippets on her Instagram handle. She loves sharing her mesmerizing pictures of herself which swoons away the hearts of her fans. 

Meghan’s Instagram profile is filled with pictures of her cars, where either she is riding them or modifying them into beasts. Meghan is seen as a strong-headed girl with undying enthusiasm for cars and stunt racing. As her personality, Meghan prefers to have her own space without much attention.

This is the reason why she has just 5.4k followers on Instagram and goes by her username meghanmaloof

Meghan Maloof’s Love For Stunt Racing

As per we have now known, Meghan Maloof is a professional stunt racer like her twin sister, Katilyn.

Meghan has been brought up in a family of avid car lovers which has influenced her a lot to be in this field. Meghan has been fond of cars and racing since her childhood days.

Looking at her dad, she also wanted to ride cars like him and race with others. The passion for cars and stunts drove, Meghan toward stunt racing which has been her profession.

A small push to her passion has led Meghan to be a professional stunt racer. Meghan has been doing stunt racing for the past few years and is still pursuing to know more about it.