Megan Legge, Jason Akermanis Wife Age Bio Married Life

Former AFL player Jason Akermanis and his wife Megan Legge have been together for nearly two decades, and throughout that time, they have supported one another through all of life’s ups and downs.

But suddenly, after learning of his wife’s odd cancer diagnosis, Akermanis talked to the Herald Sun and revealed a bizarre suspicion regarding her ominous finding.

His wife, a speech therapist, was shown lying on a hospital bed, and he said that she had undergone significant surgery.

Megan stood by his side when her spouse was going through a difficult period. The former AFL star is now supporting his wife during this battle.

Who Is Jason Akermanis Wife Megan Legge?

Jason Akermanis’ wife, Megan Legge, is a speech pathologist with a business degree and a post-graduate study in speech therapy. She has been in this field for over 17 years. 

In 2004, she began her pathology profession after nearly three years at Mater Health Service. She joined Expression Australia in 2007, shortly after leaving the company, and continued working there until 2011.

She also spent eight years working for Interact Health Group after working for Aurora Early Intervention for a year.

Then, in February 2012, Megan started her own firm, which she called “Megan Akermanis Speech Pathology,” according to LinkedIn.

On the other hand, the Akermanis Properties Blue Moon Ascot in Brisbane, Queensland, is where she also serves as general manager.

Her Husband Learned Auslan To Communicate With Her Hearing-Impaired Parents

In the year 2001, when he won the Brownlow medal and got married to his wife, he also learned Auslan (sign language), so he could communicate with her parents.

According to the State Library of Queensland, Megan’s parents, Garry and Car-mel Legge, are profoundly deaf.

In contrast, the field of speech-language pathology is concerned with evaluating and treating communication disorders brought on by a breakdown in speech and language, including problems with voice, fluency, eating, and swallowing, and articulation and phonological difficulties.

In addition to assessing and treating communication issues, they also engage with people of all ages in improving health and averting disability.

Pathologists may work in private practice, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, community clinics, and special education facilities.

Megan Legge’s Academics And Credential

Regarding her education, Megan graduated from The University of Queensland with a master’s degree in speech pathology between 2001 and 2003.

She graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a business degree from 1997 to 2000.

Additionally, her license and certification include a Primal Health Coach credential ID with no expiration date, issued by the Primal Health Coach Institute in March 2017.

AFL Star Akermanis And His Wife Said Vows In 2001

Jason Akermanis and his wife, Megan, were married on October 12, 2001. In a private ceremony, the pair exchanged vows with family and friends.

The 45-year-old contracted the virus and had some downtime while competing for Australia in the International Rules Series in Ireland. And when he returned, he enlisted the aid of some radio station buddies in a scheme.

They called to inform his partner that she had won a contest and needed to show up within 30 minutes to claim her reward.

Jason brought a camera and a ring with him and was waiting there under a bridge close to where they had first met, ready to pop the question.

Basically, Akermanis and Megan got engaged at Captain Burke Park’s story bridge.

Jason And His Wife Megan Are In Their 40s

A week ago, Akermanis celebrated his wife’s birthday, who is reportedly in her 40s. Regarding their age differences, Jason and Megan appear to be of comparable ages.

Megan may have been in her 20s when she earned her bachelor’s degree in 1997, making it likely that she was born around 1977.

In the same year, Jason was born. However, all those figures are purely conjectures based on information from her education-related LinkedIn profile.

On the other hand, her loving husband wished her on October 3 and stated that they couldn’t wait to have her back home. This might also suggest she was in the hospital having her surgery following breast cancer. 

Likewise, on February 24, 1977, Akermanis was born in Mildura, Australia.

Together For 20 Years, The Couple Are Parents To Three Kids

Inside their Brisbane house, Akermanis has reached an understanding with his wife, Megan, and their kids, Charlotte, 17, Sienna, 14, and Zoe, 4.

The 45-year-old has mostly vanished from the world of football recently, but his 17-year-old daughter Charlotte’s budding career is bringing him back to the game he once ruled.

Following Charlotte’s selection by the Lions’ Academy as a prospective AFLW player last year, Akermanis praised her highly, saying she was deserving of being the club’s first-ever father-daughter draft pick in the future.

Former Footballer Jason’s Wife Diagnosis With Cancer

According to the Herald Sun, Jason Akermanis has spoken up about his wife’s unexpected breast cancer diagnosis and said that she had a double mastectomy two weeks ago.

Additionally, her surgical treatment involved the simultaneous removal of both breasts.

It is a significant operation in which both breasts are removed to eradicate or lower the risk of breast cancer in a woman who may be at high risk of the condition.

Jason Akermanis’ Family: His Biological Father Is A Mildura Mechanic

Akermanis relocated to Brisbane when he was nine years old. He was born in Mildura, Victoria, to a Canadian father named John Akermanis and an Australian mother named Shona Carswell. Akermanis registered to play for the Mayne under-10s team after arriving in Queensland in 1986.

When he was 13 years old, Akermanis learned he was not the son of his mother’s ex-husband, John Akermanis. His biological father was Denis Dezdjek, a mechanic from Mildura with whom his mother had an affair.

Since admitting to being his kid’s father in 2006 following an extramarital affair with Akermanis’ mother in the late ’70s, Dezdjek has worked to further his relationship with his son.

He attended Wavell State High School before continuing his education at St. Joseph’s Nudgee College. While playing football with the Mayne Football Club in the QAFL, he caught the attention of Brisbane Bears talent scouts.

In 1995, while playing for the Brisbane Bears for the first time, he finished his senior year of high school.

Arkemanis Became His Younger Brother’s Legal Guardian

Despite his brilliance on the football field, Jason acknowledges having experienced despair and considered suicide when he was just 14 years old.

He decided to move on with his life at the moment, ignoring the information that Denis Dezdjek was his biological father.

When Akermanis’ mother was diagnosed with severe brain cancer in his senior year of high school, the family was already carrying more burden than one adolescent should be expected to. She passed away at age 41, less than two years later.

At 19, Akermanis reportedly took over legal custody of his younger brother, according to Fox Sports.

Akermanis now claims that he intentionally decided to find his father, his half-brother Nigel, and half-sisters Elissa and Shelley during the tumultuous period of his career with the Lions.

Some FAQs

Who Is Jason Akermanis Wife Megan legge?

Jason Akermanis’ wife, Megan Legge, is a speech pathologist with a business degree and a post-graduate study in speech therapy. She has been in this field for over 17 years.

When Did Jason Akermanis Got Married?

Jason Akermanis and his wife, Megan, were married on October 12, 2001.

How Many Kids Does Jason Akermanis Have?

Former AFL player Jason Akermanis is father to three kids; Charlotte, 17, Sienna, 14, and Zoe, 4.