Millie Gibson Is Obsessed With Her Parents As They Celebrated Their Wedding Anniversary

Millie Gibson shared a tribute to her British father Paul Gibson. Paul is a loving parent.

The performer best know for Coronation Street would accompany the frontman Ncuti Gatwa as his plus-on for his interdimensional adventures.

The longest-running science fiction series in the United Kingdom has been a fan favorite since its premiere in the 1960s, as they have seen numerous actors appear as the male lead.

Gibson’s character of Ruby Sunday holds a similar dynamic with Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor Who in the fifteenth incarnation of the beloved program.

Millies understands the job’s prestige, feeling immensely blessed, as she cannot contain her excitement. But she had talented shoes to fulfill as she must please the legion of fans and live up to the performances of her predecessors.

Actress Millie Gibson Father Paul Gibson Is A Typical English Man

Millie Gibson was born to British parents on June 2004. Her father Paul, is as English as one can be.

Born and raised in Greater Manchester, they spent their early years in the city. She was fortunate as she was surrounded by adults who were more childish than her. Their consistent determination and encouragement have made her where she is today.

So, we are not surprised when she never misses birthdays or anniversaries as she took to Twitter to wish them 2018.

The adorable post showed a toddler Millie in her mother’s lap as her parents smiled on the screen.

Meet The Other Parental Fighter In Millie Gibson’s Life, Kel Allen

Coronation street castmember Millie Gibson owes her career to the ITV soap opera, as her role as Kelly Neelan made her star overnight.

The people enjoy her chemistry with her on-screen parents, as she played the daughter of established character Rick Neelan and his wife Laura Neelan, played by Kel Allen.

She hit rock bottom when her on-screen mother, Laura, passed away from cancer.

After getting the award for Best Young Actor at the 2022 British Soap Awards, she did not forget her co-star, who allowed her to receive such an accolade as she kept in touch with Allen.

In July, the mother-daughter pair took to a Manchester bar to celebrate Millie’s 18th birthday. The duo looked inseparable during a night out with the ladies dressed in blue denim and leather jacket with a slogan tee.

Besides, Millie has been vocal about her sadness with Kel leaving the show, missing her nurturing tendencies when the cameras get turned off.

Actress Millie Gibson Gave A Tribute To Father Paul Gibson

18-year-old Millie Gibson holds her father, Paul Gibson, on the greatest pedestal as she never forgets to pay him tribute on his birthday.

Indeed, the occasion of August 24 is extraordinary for the actress as it was the day her father was born.

She hilariously trolled his age as 21, commenting on his mental capabilities and lack of seriousness.

The trio of kisses was accompanied by the misguided identity of celebrity chef Paul Hollywood, hinting at their uncanny resemblance.

In the post, she compiled four photos of the pair throughout the years as they perfectly encapsulated their growth.

On the other hand, her father is her biggest fan, making sure to post about her every achievement. He was the first to declare his excitement for her part in Coronation Street and hoped she would have a blast filming.