What Is NaakMusiQ Net Worth 2022?

NaakMusiQ might be worth $1 million as of 2022. 

He has a well-established career in the South African entertainment industry as an actor and singer. 

Furthermore, he was also named to be the host of the upcoming Tropika Island Of Treasure All Stars and the offer might have come with a big paycheck as well. 

NaakMusiQ has also released an album with 14 songs, the album was perceived positively by music lovers around the world. He has also released several hit singles as well, earning him his fortune. 

Similarly, the South African actor has appeared in several television series and films for a long time now. He might have also added a huge chunk of his fortune from his acting career. 

However, the actor has never revealed anything about his actual net worth on the web yet. He also does not disclose his revenue and income to netizens or reporters as well. 

We are currently trying to verify his estimated fortune and the amount will be made public very soon. 

Who Is NaakMusiQ Wife Robyn Leigh Mentor?

NaakMusiQ’s wife to be Robyn Leigh is a mentor. 

Although the couple has not tied the knot yet, they seem to be happily dating each other at the moment. They went Instagram official with their relationship back in November 2020. 

Twitter and websites on the internet flooded with NaakMusiQ’s engagement to Robyn earlier this year, but the actor was prompt to deny the claims made by netizens. 

He debunked the rumors by saying Robyn had bought a ring with her own money and where she wears the ring is totally her choice. The rumor originally started after fans spotted a ring on Robyn’s figure. 

While the couple has not made any announcements of their engagement and their marriage is out of sight, for now, they are seen enjoying their time. The couple seems to be living together at the moment. 

Robyn is a qualified nutritionist, and mentors people by giving them personally tailored diet plans. Her endeavors seem to be working well as she drives a luxurious BMW M5. 

What Is NaakMusiQ Real Name? Wikipedia

NaakMusiQ’s real name is Anga Makubalo. 

He is well known for his stage name NaakMusiQ among his followers, he adopted the moniker during the starting phase of his music career. 

Anga was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on May 28, 1987. He is 35 years old as of 2022 but with his regular exercise and workouts, the actor has maintained his physique very well. 

He was born to his parents Nomvula and Musi Qaqambile. Anga moved to Johannesburg with his mother Nomvula but much about his father Musi Qaqambile has not come to the surface. 

Anga grew up with his siblings Khanyiso and Asanda, he also has a son in his family but information about his child including his name and mother has not come to the surface according to his Wikipedia profile. 

Knowledge-hungry Anga joined Edenvale High School in 2003 and went to Talent International where he studied presenting and acting. He also went to Damelin where he studied contemporary music.