Oscar Piastri Parents Net Worth explored

Oscar Piastri’s parents Chris and Nicole might be worth over $1 million as of 2022. 

His father owns and manages an automotive aftermarket business focusing on calibration solutions for his clients. The couple might be working in the store together making tons of money for themself as of now.

Chris’s company HP Turner was also Oscar’s sponsor in his karting days according to Showbiz Cast. Oscar’s father has been his influence during the start of his racing career, and he also volunteered to be Oscar’s mechanic during his early starts.

However, the couple has not divulged their actual fortune or their revenue on the internet. Their company might be making a good and steady income for the couple as people are often looking for good calibration solutions for their high-performance cars. 

Similarly, people have also left positive reviews about HP Turners on their google profile, citing the people working there do great jobs. 

On the other hand, Oscar has also made a huge fortune for himself with some websites on the internet reporting over $2 million as of 2022. Once he makes his Formula One debut upcoming season, his fortune might also take a leap uphill. 

Are Oscar Piastri Father Chris and Mother Nicole Piastri Rich?

With over $1 million in estimated net worth as of 2022, of course, Oscar’s parents Chris and Nicole are rich. But they are also very rich in providing good values and culture to their son. 

Chris and Nicole are not just rich in terms of money, but also in terms of being good parents. While their son is set to make his Formula One debut in 2023 at the age of 22 years old, they have set a good example for their child to follow as well. 

Oscar has often credited his father for his dream career and has dedicated numerous wins to his beloved mama. His mother is the one who taught Oscar to use cruise control.

However, it is unclear if the couple were always rich or made their fortune in recent years. Their company might have been around for over a decade now, as HP Turner is one of the first sponsors of Oscar during his karting career. 

Who Is Oscar Piastri Girlfriend 2022?

Oscar Piastri is currently dating his British girlfriend Lily Zneimer. 

The couple has been pictured on several occasions together, most recently they were seen at Silverstone. 

An accredited F1 photographer Kym Illman was able to capture Oscar and Lily in his frames and shared the image on his Instagram profile with his followers. 

Oscar’s girlfriend Lily is found on Instagram with her username @lilyzneimer, but sadly her posts are not available to the general public as she has kept her Instagram account private at the moment. 

Piastri was joined by his lover Lily at the Autosport Awards back in February 2022, the couple looked stunning in their black suit and dress together. 

However, Oscar does not share many images with his partner with his followers and tries to keep his love life away from the web. Despite his several attempts to keep his love life to himself, netizens and his followers have uncovered his romance and partner.