Payne Haas Brother Zeda Haas Wiki Age Gap And parents

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Payne Haas, born on December 2, 1999, is a prominent Australian rugby league player known for his role as a prop for the Brisbane Broncos in the NRL and the Australian national team.

With his exceptional skills and talent, Haas has showcased his abilities in various prestigious tournaments, including the State of Origin series and the Prime Minister’s XIII.

Notably, he is eligible to represent multiple international teams, including Australia, Samoa, and the Philippines, displaying his versatility on the field.

Haas’s dedication to the sport has been evident from a young age, as he has previously represented the Philippines at the under-16s level.

As a highly regarded player in the rugby league world, Payne Haas continues to make significant contributions to his team and remains a formidable force in the sport.

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Payne Haas Brother Zeda Haas

Zeda Haas, the brother of rugby league star Payne Haas, recently made headlines due to a suspected drug overdose incident.

The tragic event occurred in the Gold Coast suburbs of Gaven and Arundel, where three men, including Zeda Haas, were found unconscious after allegedly overdosing on GHB.

Reports indicate that Zeda Haas was discovered unconscious at a residence in Gaven and was immediately transported to Gold Coast University Hospital in critical condition.

The incident also resulted in the unfortunate passing of another young man. While not much is known about Zeda Haas, this incident has shed light on the challenges he has faced.

The Haas family, including parents Gregor Haas and Uiatu “Joan” Taufua, is undoubtedly going through a difficult time as they navigate this distressing situation.

Payne Haas and Brother Zeda Haas Age Gap

Payne Haas, born on December 2, 1999, is currently 23 years old.

While there is limited public information about his brother Zeda Haas, it is known that Payne has another brother named Chace.

Tragically, Chace passed away in 2020 at the age of 21. Chace had lived as a ventilated quadriplegic following a car accident when he was just five months old.

The age gap between Payne and Zeda Haas is unknown, as specific details about Zeda have not been disclosed.

Despite the challenges and losses faced by the Haas family, Payne continues to excel in his rugby league career, displaying resilience and determination both on and off the field.

Payne Haas Parents Details Explored

Payne Haas, the Australian rugby league player, is the son of Gregor Haas and Joan Taufua.

Gregor Haas and Joan Taufua are his parents, and Haas is also the nephew of former NRL player Mark Taufua.

Additionally, Haas has a younger brother named Klese Haas, who plays for the Gold Coast Titans. While Haas has succeeded in his career, his family has faced challenges.

His mother, Uiatu “Joan” Taufua, has had legal troubles, including being convicted and sentenced to nine months in prison for assaulting security guards at The Star casino in July 2022.

Furthermore, she was involved in a car crash in December of that year, resulting in three fatalities.

She has been charged with multiple offenses, including manslaughter and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

Despite these circumstances, Payne Haas continues to pursue his rugby league career with determination and skill.

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