Quandre Diggs Brother Is Quentin Jammer – Siblings Update

Quentin Jammer is the brother of Seattle Seahawks’ Quandre Tremaine Diggs, also known as Quandre Diggs. Quandre is one of the children of Jan Hayes and was born in  Houston, Texas, United States.  

Quandre is a Seattle Seahawks American football free safety who pursued a career in NFL, following his brother’s footsteps.

As a free safety, he tends to watch the play unfold, follow the ball, and be the defensive quarterback of the backfield. They are typically assigned to the quarterback in man coverage.

Before getting drafted by the Detroit Lions in the sixth round of the 2015 NFL Draft, he played college football at Texas. Before being moved to safety, he played his first two years in the NFL as a cornerback. Later, he was swapped to the Seahawks in 2019.

Quandre Diggs’s Brother Quentin Jammer Is An NFL Legend

Quentin Jammer, the brother of Quandre Diggs is a former NFL player, who played as a quarterback throughout his career. Besides, he also played football in college for the University of Texas and received All-American honors.

Jammer is a unanimous consensus All-American and the University of Texas (UT)’s first-ever Jim Thorpe Award finalist with a two-time first-team All-Big 12 selection and two-time UT Outstanding Defensive Back.

Jammer took part in 49 career games, with 41 starting assignments and comprehending three bowl games. He was a big physic cornerback who could shut down the opposition’s top receiver or come up and make a big hit in run support.

Being the top pass defender on the Longhorns’ NCAA-leading defense in 2001, San Diego Chargers drafted him in the first round of the 2002 NFL Draft. Following that, he tied with Bryant Westbrook’s UT record for the earliest chosen defensive back along with teaming up with OT Mike Williams to become the first duo in UT history to be chosen in the NFL Draft’s top five overall.


Quandre Diggs Aims To Follow His Brother’s Legacy

Quandre Diggs was inspired by Quentin and aims to follow his legacy as a former legendary American football player in the NFL. 

Jammer and Diggs share an uncommon bond as siblings, even though they are 13 years apart. They both admit that they would probably clash more if they were any closer in age. Back then, when Quentin’s career was nearing the end, another player set his goal to become like him.

The story of their brotherhood was not ever about Diggs living in a shadow, as he claims that he loves the shadow. Diggs has always stated honestly that there was no other role model he would rather have in life other than his elder brother Quentin.

They’ve been superficial and relentless competitors since they were young boys living in Angleton, Texas. Diggs claimed he loved his brother significantly and would never swap him with anyone in the world. But that doesn’t mean he would drop his tough-guy personality around him.

Jammer was a like-minded All-American and Thorpe Award finalist as a Longhorns cornerback from 1997 to 2001. He was also a 12-year NFL veteran in the year 2013. Diggs promised he would be even finer than his brother and seems like he has been sticking up to his acclamations.

Diggs has been bragging like that since he was a boy, always trying to pace up with the guy he looks up to most. Their oldest memory together and the story they like to tell is one of Diggs’ fascination with doing anything Jammer can, which also helps us picture how competitive Diggs has always been.

However, the truth is that Diggs had nothing but affection for his idol. He confirms to remember the time he got to stand on the field and high-five Jammer and his Texas teammates as they ran out of the tunnel amid billowing smoke.

Nevertheless, he is continuing to live that dream, and he knows how good he has got it. Diggs was coached by the same expert defensive backs coach who molded Jammer back then during his initial days as a fresh football player. His old nemesis Major Lee was the co-offensive coordinator who helped recruit him to Texas.

Hence, Quandre started playing for Detroit Lions from 2015 to 2019. After this, he joined the NFL team Seattle Seahawks in 2019, where he continues to show his skills, hard work, and dedication through his games.

NFL consists of three players named Diggs; Quandre Diggs, Stefon Diggs, and Trevon Diggs.

Many NFL fans are confused if all three are related, as they often see brothers competing against each other.

But no, Quandre is not related to either Stefon Diggs or Trevon Diggs. They all share the last surname but come from different families as Quandre is the son of Roland Hayes and Jan Hayes. Meanwhile, Stefon and Trevon Diggs are born to Stephanie and Aron Diggs.

Nevertheless, the cousins of Quandre Diggs and Quentin Jammer are also former NFL players named Johnnie Lee Higgins, Cedric Woodard, and Darren Woodard.

Among the Diggs, Stefon and Trevon are sibling brothers; where Trevon plays as a cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys and is the youngest among the Diggs brothers. Likewise, Stefon Marsean Diggs is an American football wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills of the NFL and was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings. 

Digg’s father, Aron, left the world due to congestive heart failure at 39 in 2008. This made 14-year-old Stefon take responsibility for his younger brothers. And now, both brothers are playing football as defensive backs and cornerbacks. 

This world sometimes tends to be so small that many athletes and celebrities share the same last name and talent. Thus, they are often thought of as from the same family background by their fans.

But despite having the same name or same professional background, most of them tend to have no ethical personal relationships with each other.