Ready To Love Season 2 Cast Where Are They Now?

Ready To Love Season 2 cast have now moved on in their lives as businessmen, authors and boutique owners. Some are still together while others are separated.

John married an unknown woman, Mario and Reva who didn’t seem like a couple are in love, and so on.

Ready To Love is a reality show about dating where fortunate men and women search for love in their 30s and 40s. The show has helped form many fruitful relationships over time, however, some just didn’t find partners.

The show first premiered on OWN Network in 2018. Since then the show has been successful and running with its eighth season that aired on January 8, 2023.

Season 2 of Ready To Love bought many new cast to the ground who are adults and are not on a quest for a fling or casual date. They are in search of serious bonds in the big city.

There are some couples from the show who are still together and some even got engaged while others might have indulged in serious business.

Ready To Love Season 2 Cast Where Are They Now?

Ready To Love Season 2 cast are now engaged and living a blissful life. Kerry has a boutique while Angel works as an executive producer.

Ready To Love Season 2 Reunion Part 2 was held in 2019 where all the updates of the cast were revealed.

Kerry Williams, who worked in pharmaceutical sales for a diabetic corporate is now the owner of the Fashion boutique Kerry Kouture Showroom and is a motivational speaker.

Christina Bueno, a lawyer by profession, loves to explore and visit different places, especially during weekends, as per her Instagram.

Ready To Love Season 2 couples still together are Mario and Reva, and, Mike and Ieashia.

Angel Frank, an author and a publisher from St.Louis, Missouri is now an executive producer. She recently created a show named Champagne Vibes in 2022 that is streaming on the BW Network.

John, Digital C.O.O of World Star Hit Radio, describes himself as the Atlanta Marketing King through his Instagram account. He is now the CEO of Celebrity Media TV, a podcast show.

Ready To Love Season 2 cast members are divided into two groups.

The singles group includes:

  • Chimuka. O. aka Chika
  • Tondy Gallant
  • Kerry Williams
  • Christina Bueno
  • Angle Frank
  • John Williams

Ready to Love Season 2 couples are:

  • Mario and Reva
  • Devyne and London Dunlap
  • Alexi and Brent
  • Terrell and Nina
  • Mike and Ieashia
  • Jimmy Jones and Kimber
  • Ashima Franklin and Darin

Are London And Devyne From Ready To Love Still Together?

No, London and Devyne from Ready To Love are not together. They were last seen together during the reunion part 2 in 2019.

Devyne is a realtor in Atlanta, a foodie, public speaker, and Podcast influencer whereas London is a sales manager for the mid-south area for football players.

The couple’s relationship status shocked other casts during Ready To Love: Season 2, Reunion 2 as Devyne said things said and done by London prior to giving a commitment to her is non of her concern.

However, their social media speaks otherwise. Devyne does not have a single photo of the two together whereas London’s account is locked.

They do not follow each other as well. The reason could be commitment issues as faced during the show as well.

There is a three years back video where London is trying to convince Devyne of his love.

Her complaint towards London was that he was never clear towards her, was playing games, and always kept her in the dark.

Are Ashima and Darin Still Together?

No, Ashima and Darin are not together. They were the couple who were together till the end of the show in season 2.

After that, the couple split and moved their ways. Darin is married and has a son whereas Ashima already had a son.

Ashima Franklin is a stand-up comedian at The Real Ashima Franklin seen on HBO, ShowTime, and Netflix. She has appeared in many shows like Laugh Factory in Hollywood, Riddles in Chicago, and many others.

Darin is a personal trainer and owns a fitness club. He makes videos related to health such as ‘Meditation for weight loss,’ Handling Diabetes,’ High Blood Pressure Edition’ exercise, and many such videos.

He makes fitness videos and podcasts with his family and posts them on Instagram and YouTube.

Their relationship status was revealed through a post from Ashima’s Instagram account.

They met after four years during the reunion of the show and still share a good bond.

Where Are Jimmy and Kimber Now?

Jimmy and Kimber are now doing good in their own life separately. They could not resolve their differences.

Jimmy Jones is a Real State agent from Atlanta and a top one. However, it was never his plan to join this business.

He failed GMAT, LSAT, and DAT. He passed the real estate exam.

Kimber Raell runs a fitness brand named Total Life Changes. There you can find hair and skin care, energy and fitness bars, drinks, women’s health-focused items, and many others.

In a date set up by Jimmy, we saw Jimmy and Kimber arguing about differences that were created during a pool party after Kimber told him things about her past.

Jimmy and Kimber Ready To Love cast were not a close couple and did not talk openly and clearly.

Kimber gave him the chance to apologize for his deed, but Jimmy’s apology was not genuine, and he didn’t know what was he sorry for.

Are Mario Tolliver and Reva Stout Still Together?

Yes, Mario Tolliver and Reva Stout are still together. They developed connections the earliest in the show.

Mario Tolliver is an actor and producer. He is known for various TV and film productions.

He has also done stage play roles and is better known for producing and writing Inner Circle Film & Television—also an executive producer for Mentee, an award-winning movie.

Reva, on the other hand, is an IT professional by profession and a retired Armed Force Veteran. She posts many photos with Mario from their lavish vacations in Dubai, Paris, Hawaii, Cali, Colorado, and many more.

Mario broke up with Reva once during the show to develop a connection with Tondy. However, when things didn’t go well between them, Mario went back to Reva.

Mario feels that Ready To Love has changed his thinking about relationships and dating.

Are Mike and Ieashia Still Together?

Yes, Mike and Ieashia are still together. The couple got engaged on December 8, 2019.

Michael is a truck driver from Beaufort, Georgia. He was eliminated after Ieashia.

Ieashia is a pediatric nurse and has a love for children. She left her previous husband for being abusive.

Their relationship began after being eliminated from the show, which they revealed during the reunion.

She thinks that he is persistent, and Ieashia develops butterflies in his stomach.

Where are Brent and Alexis from Ready To Love?

Brent and Alexis from Ready To Love live separately in Atlanta. Once a couple, do not follow each other today.

Alexis is a realtor in Atlanta. She was a former tech sales, sales strategist. She is the host of her podcast show A Lil’ More of Alexis’ where she shares about her life.

Brent Nahshon is an entrepreneur, Financial agent, and a cast of the reality TV show, The One.

He is also the co-founder of a company named Celebrity Fit Tour and has a clothing line called Reign & Manifest (RAM).

Alexis and Brent Nahshon have not posted a single photo of them together.

Are Terrell and Nina Still Together?

No, Terrell and Nina are not together. There is no update from either side to prove it otherwise.

Terrell Johnnies is a King Chivalry Celebrity DJ and President of Spread Love Initiative Inc. His son is also a music lover and aims to become an artist/producer some days.

Nina is a massage therapist originally from St.Louis, Missouri. She has a son but his father’s whereabouts are unknown.

Terrell and Nina were not an official couple during the show. Their relationship was seen through unseen footage.

Ninas’s social media account is private, which reveals little information about her.

During the reunion of the show, it was assumed that they were a new couple but it was not clear whether Nina was impressed by his gift-distributing habit or there was genuine love.