Rebecca Balding Age: How old was Rebecca Balding?

Rebecca Balding was an American actress widely known for her appearances on Soap and Charmed.

Balding was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on September 21, 1948 and she died on July 18, 2022 following a battle with ovarian cancer.

Rebecca Balding Age

How old was Rebecca Balding? How old was Rebecca Balding at the time of death? Balding died at the age of 73 and her death was confirmed by her husband James L. Conway.

Balding made her television debut in 1976, appearing on the action drama “The Bionic Woman.”

Two years later, she landed the role of Carol David in the dramedy series “Soap,” which also starred Katherine Helmond, Richard Mulligan and Emmy-winning actor Billy Crystal.

Balding was more like a a scream queen pioneer, starring in the horror thrillers “The Silent Scream” in 1979 and “The Boogens” in 1981.

It was on the set of “The Boogens” that Balding met her future husband Conway, who directed the film.