Rugby Star Portia Woodman And Her Wife-To-Be Renee Wickliffe Have A Daughter Named Kaia

New Zealand rugby player Portia Woodman is engaged to her future wife Renee Wickliffe. She has a small family with the World Cup-winning partner Renee and their baby daughter Kaia.

The couple has been together for almost a decade, as they are on the same team of female rugby union players from New Zealand. Similarly, they have managed to juggle their roles as rugby union players and mothers.

Besides that, Wickliffe posted on her Instagramabout the World Cup victory a day earlier, praising the squad and her companion, Portia, who had a little mishap that day.

Moreover, Woodman suffered a concussion after a horrific collision in the Rugby World Cup final versus England, resulting in a head injury. Still, she was transported off the field on a cart by her wife and teammate, Renee Wickliffe.

Portia Woodman Wife Renee Wickliffe: A Female Rugby Union

Portia Woodman and her wife Renee Wickliffe had decided to get married last year, as they exchanged their rings. The long-time partners were quite happy, looking forward to making a career as a female rugby union player for New Zealand and Auckland. 

Similarly, she was a member of the teams that won the 2010 Rugby World Cup and the 2013 Rugby World Cup sevens. In addition, she was chosen for the Ferns Sevens team for the 2014 Women’s Rugby World Cup.

Besides, she was selected for both the 2017 Rugby World Cup squad and the Ferns Sevens team for the 2015 Women’s Rugby Super Series in Canada.

She scored a hat-trick against England in the championship game of the Super Series in 2019, helping her side to victory.

For the 2022 Super Rugby Aupiki season, Wickliffe was selected for the Chiefs team and was brought in to fill in for an injured member of the Ferns team for the 2022 Pacific Four Series.

Renee Wickliffe Announced Her Retirement As A Fern Sevens

Wickliffe was selected for her maiden start in her fourth 15s World Cup on the right flank. However, as she mentioned on her Instagram post, this could be her last game wearing the Seven’s jersey.

Her performance for Bay of Plenty in this year’s Farah Palmer Cup earned her a spot on the World Cup roster, and she should be commended for it given the caliber of the team’s wingers, which included champion sevens players Portia Woodman, Ruby Tui, Stacey Fluhler, and midfielder Theresa Fitzpatrick.

Wickliffe confirmed her retirement before the historic World Cup at home, saying she would hang up her boots once their campaign is done. 

With the Ferns becoming a full-fledged professional squad for the first time this season, Wickliffe has played a significant role in several of New Zealand’s successful teams and has witnessed the women’s game expand significantly.

Portia Woodman And Renee Wickliffe Have Been Together Since 2013

Portia and Renee, the powerful sporting couple, are engaged, after being together for almost nine years.

The couple was in a relationship since 2013. In 2012, Woodman and Wickliffe initially met after being invited to the same national women’s sevens camp.

The quick-footed winger Wickliffe, who previously played rugby 15s and touched rugby while representing New Zealand, transitioned to sevens after winning a World Cup in 15s.

Woodman, a contractual player for the Northern Mystics, switched from netball to rugby. This was the beginning of her quest toward becoming the World Rugby sevens player of the year.

Likewise, the two professionals first thought their relationship via athletics was all it was, but a year later, they met and bonded over their shared enjoyment of rugby.

Woodman Is Thankful For The Impact Her Partner Has On Her

The legendary sevens try scorer Woodman is appreciative of the influence her partner, fellow Ferns star Wickliffe, has had on her life.

According to a post published by, she also claimed to have learned a lot from her partner in terms of being a mother, an athlete, and a person. The duo has also been there for each other when they have been wounded during their respective games.

Especially throughout the upheavals of 2020, they had trained together. During the Level 4 lockdown, they did ‘whnau work-outs’ in their Mt Maunganui driveway and practiced their side steps on the empty road.

And Woodman is thankful to Wickliffe for teaching her that there is more to life than major sports since she has the opportunity to play a vital part in the lives of Wickliffe’s ten-year-old daughter Kaia.

Renee Wickliffe Is Four Years Older Than Portia Woodman

Age-wise, Wickliffe is four years older than her partner, Woodman, who turned 31 on July 12. In contrast, Wickliffe was born on May 30, 1987, making her current age 35 years. 

On the other hand, her partner was born in 1991, is Maori by origin, and belongs to the Ngapuhi iwi. She hails from a sporty family since her father, Kawhena, and her uncle, Fred Woodman, were former rugby players. Likewise, her aunt Te Aroha Keenan is also a former Silver Fern.

The Couple Are Mothers To A Ten-Year-Old Daughter Kaia

Woodman and Wickliffe are co-parenting a daughter named Kaia, born on August 19, 2012.

Their Instagram posts state that when the couple first met, Kaia was just eight weeks old, and in those early days, it was challenging for them both to start a new relationship while still having a toddler.

Besides, Woodman was trying to figure out her place in the household and determine how to interact with Kaia. She’s always stated to Kaia, “she’s not her mother, she’s not her aunty, she’s not her step-mum, she’s her Portia.”

Per an article by, on July 13, 2021, Wickliffe and Kaia moved in with Woodman in Mount Maunganui in 2016. It’s the home of the national sevens program, where both ladies can pursue their passion for the sport as professionals.

Their colleagues assisted them with a great deal of help throughout their hectic schedules, even with little things like getting them on the pick-up list for Kaia’s kindergarten, which is only down the road from the Blake Park training camp.

They have found the time to mentor the Arataki U9s, an all-girls rugby team representing Kaia in the open division of their neighborhood Mount tournament.

Renee Wickliffe Father Passed Away When She Was Nine

Wickliffe was born to her parents, Wayne Maurice and Elena (Finny) Tao. Her Instagram post revealed that both of her parents had passed away.

Wayne, her father, perished on December 16, 1995, at the age of 41, and her mother passed away in 2013, at the age of 57. She reports having a close relationship with her mother.

She claims that she grew up in a home rife with parties and drinking since her father passed away when she was nine years old. Additionally, she has an adopted sister with whom she played rugby when she was 12.