About Sally Williamson And Justin Shirley 

Sally Williamson of Plainfield and Justin Shirley were arrested for their heinous crimes. Sally was arrested for cruelty to persons and providing a false statement. 

On the other hand, Justin was taken into custody for second-degree manslaughter and the sale or distribution of illegal drugs. The two were apprehended during the death inquiry, which got underway in February.

Sally Williamson and her son Justin Shirley were responsible for the death of Dean Barr. Sally is accused of leaving the victim stranded and not calling for help while Dean Barr is overdosing on Heroine. 

Moreover, Justin was accountable for selling narcotics and distributing the substance, resulting in Dean Barr’s death. 

He is accused of second-degree manslaughter and selling illegal substances. Their crime might not look severe, but their intentions were evil and conniving. 

Arrest And Charges

According to News8 wtnh, 56-year-old Sally is charged with cruelty to a person and providing false statements to the police.

The act of cruelty and tormenting of an individual of necessary food, clothing, shelter, or proper physical care falls under the bracket of cruelty to a person. 

The 28-year-old Justine is charged with second-degree manslaughter also the distribution and sale of illicit substances.

Second-degree manslaughter is caused due to reckless action of an individual resulting in fatal implications to other people. 

The coroner discovered that the death of Dean Barr was due to an overdose of heroin or fentanyl. Williamson, 56, took Barr to Shirley 28, the residence where he purchased narcotics. 

Barr used the drug in the parking lot where Williamson, 56, left it unattended in the freezing, which resulted in the death of Barr, 52

Where Are They Now?

Willamson is arrested for the crimes of cruelty and false report to the police. Williamson is likely to face a maximum sentence of fourteen years. 

The charges of Justine are considerable, and he is likely to face 3 to 7 years in prison. Also, the distribution of illicit substances is expected to lead him to a maximum sentence of life in prison. 

At present, they are in the custody of the Plainfield police station. However, after their first hearing. Willaimson was released on a $25,000 bond, and Shirley was held on for a $50,000 bond which he could not pay. 

Williamson is due in court by the first of August. In contrast, Shirley was due in court by the twentieth of July. The media have widely broadcasted their issue. 

People are becoming more aware of the situation at Plainfield. Also, their family and friends of Dean are devastated by the news of his death. He was a loving member of the community. His sudden death has sparked attention in society about drug addiction and abuse.