Skater Chad Muska Wife and Ex Girlfriend Vanessa Traina

Chad Muska, one of the richest skateboarders in the world, has not married yet, and he does not currently have a wife.

Not only is the 45-year-old personality well-known in the field of skating, but he has also shown success in the fields of music and business. Skating is only one of his many pursuits.

Looking at Chad Muska’s old skateboarding clips from the 1990s shows a youngster riding the unending dynamism of life: flexing like a plant, snaking through congested road in half circles, snagging air and flying over hurdles with his arms in the air like feathers, always managing to keep the wheels rolling and his eyes upon what was coming up ahead.

In an article published in November 2012 in Transworld Skateboarding, the editor-in-chief, Skin Phillips, referred to Muska as “one of the most marketable professionals skateboarding has ever seen.”

Besides, Chad has also been active in the music industry and has developed tracks for several hip-hop musicians, including Guru, Ice-T, and Africa. To add to his gaming cred, he is a playable character in the Tony Hawk video game franchise.

Chad Muska Wife – Is The Skater Married?

Chad Muska, an Ohio native, does not have a wife since he has not tied the wedding knot yet.

And the 45-year-old professional skater is almost certainly not involved in any romantic relationships at this time, contrary to what several sources have said. 

During an interview, Max divulged that he was once in a relationship with Paris Hilton, an American television personality and businesswoman.

However, he has not disclosed any information surrounding his relationship with her. He may be indifferent about his relationships in the past, but he’s decided to keep that information hidden from the public view.

Chad Muska Ex Girlfriend Vanessa Traina And Relationship Timeline

Chad Muska was in a long-term relationship with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Traina right before he was imprisoned in 2014.

He has much more baggage than just the detention he hopes to forget. Prior to the incident, Muska and his longstanding girlfriend, Vanessa Traina, had broken up.

Both of these things have thrown a wrench in Muska’s path, but he was still moving forward thanks to the indestructible drive he cultivated as a youngster while learning to skateboard expertly.

“As for me and my girlfriend, we’ve decided to break up. It’s a fact of life, just like everything else. You must keep going, you know, and you must keep moving ahead.” He said. And Chad is right; the world keeps spinning with or without anyone, no matter what happens, and it’s beautiful to keep riding along for the ride.

Who Is Vanessa Traina?

Besides being a brand strategist and fashion stylist, Vanessa Traina is the daughter of bestselling American author Danielle Steel.

She grew up in the Bay Area’s city of San Francisco before relocating to Malibu and enrolling at Pepperdine University. From its opening in 2013 until its closing in 2019.

Traina was the senior lead designer of Assembled Brands and its curated lifestyle boutique, The Line. 2019 was the last year that customers may enter The Line. Traina and her family, which includes her husband Charlie and two young sons, are now based in the Big Apple.

Because she works in fashion design, Chad had the privilege to attend many events when he was with her, including Paris fashion week, where he witnessed many activities he took on there. Skateboarding and fashion have been constants in his life, but Muska spent a lot of time thinking about how the two could be combined.

Forgotten Past With Paris Hilton

Although for many this might be the “News” for many people, Chad Muska had dated American television star and entrepreneur Paris Hilton at some point in the past.

Though for a brief period of time, the two were a couple. It started somewhere in 2004 and did not even last a year, and in early 2005, their relationship fell off. When his ex-girlfriend Hilton relocated from Los Angeles to New York, Muska followed her there.

However, after their relationship ended, he returned to Los Angeles. After that, the musician started seeing a new lady named Vanessa, who lived in New York, so he relocated back to the city for a while. After that, they called it quits, and Chad returned to Los Angeles again.

What Is Chad Muska Net Worth in 2022?

Chad Muska, with a staggering net worth of $16 million, is listed among the top 10 wealthiest skaters in the world. 

According to Sporting Free, Muska lies the ninth of the ten wealthiest skateboarders on the planet in 2022. He makes millions of dollars yearly from his numerous business ventures and sponsorship deals.

His story is even more praiseworthy because he had nothing when he first came to California. A homeless man living on the streets who has accomplished all a skateboarder could ever hope for.

In the years that followed his move to Mission Beach when he was a teenager, Muska spent most of his time living on the streets and slept on the streets for extended periods. 

“I was broke, I was homeless, and I was just going for it. I left everything behind and just went for it with no idea what was going to happen.” Muska said.

There is a saying that “a man who has nothing to lose is the most dangerous man,” He demonstrated that it was correct. Chad was living on the streets, had nothing, and had to start from square one. Now he lives an illustrious life with all the money he earned. However, he has maintained his sense of modesty despite his financial success.

Sponsorships And Entrepreneurship

Throughout the years, Muska has been supported by a multitude of sponsors. In the latter half of the 1990s, he was endorsed by the eS Skate Shoe business, and in 1998, they came out with a pair of shoes named the ‘es Muska.’

Because Muska was such a famous figure during that period, he had a significant impact on the design of these shoes, and as a result, they shot to the top of the charts quickly.

Furthermore, as an entrepreneur, Muska opened a business in Los Angeles, California, that he dubbed Factory 413. This store was built in partnership with Cabada. Since that time, he has collaborated with the firm on producing many trademark goods, including footwear and eyewear.

Some FAQs

Who is Chad Muska wife?

Chad Muska is not married and has no wife. He has been in a relationship with a few in the past but never married.

Does Chad Muska have a girlfriend?

Chad Muska is most probably living a single. The guy is 45 and does not have a girlfriend.

What is Chad Muska net worth?

Chad Muska has a net worth of $16 million. He is one of the richest skaters in the world.