Snapped: Andy Lawson Murder Case Update 

Snapped new murder case update shared the horrendous behind the crime scene footage of Tracy Lawson’s murder case.

The victim Andy Lawson, husband to Tracy Lawson was found dead in his bedroom struck and beat to death by a fence driving tool.

The Alamance police authorities got a distress call from Tracy herself where she told them that she had been fighting her husband and needed quick help.

The authorities were shocked to hear that call in the middle of the night as there were no previous domestic abuse and violence reports from that house.

Tracy and Andy were mates from childhood and they never dated.

After they both got divorced, they reconciled and Andy loved Tracy’s little daughter as his own.

After Tracy lost her job, got her license suspended, and couldn’t provide for her family, Andy’s individual work was not enough and thus a fight was issued in between.

Tracy later stated that she struck her husband to save her own daughter from the violence.

The hard metal pipe attack would then be lethal on her husband who would succumb in his bed with bloodstains all over and signs of domestic abuse scattered throughout the house.

Alamance County officers were horrified by the brutality of the crime and Tracy was sentenced to life in prison with many court hearings on her way.

Where Is Tracy Lawson Now? 

Tracy Lawson has been sentenced her life to prison without any possibility of parole after multiple court hearings at Alamance County.

She is still in prison but the whereabouts have not been divulged to the public eyes.

The two witnesses at the crime scene would later readdress Tracy’s story while giving a separate statement to the police authority.

They would state that Tracy’s husband was in fact abusive and a case of domestic violence was sure to take a sinister turn someday soon.

Andy Lawson’s Death Cause Revealed

Andy Lawson died from multiple heads sprains and striking at the vulnerable skull part.

He died in his bedroom after being beaten to death by a fence driving tool that Tracy used in her defense during the primary assault.