Stephanie McMahon Plastic Surgery – Before And After Pictures

Stephanie McMahon underwent numerous plastic surgery and medical procedures to improve her appearance, including knee surgery, a nose job, and chest augmentation. She is an American chairwoman & co-chief executive officer of World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE).

McMahon is an entrepreneur & former professional wrestler. She is also known as a fourth-generation wrestling promoter and a member of the McMahon family. At age 13, she started posing for WWE’s goods in various catalogs. As part of a plot involving The Undertaker, McMahon started making regular appearances for WWE on television in 1999.

Currently, she serves as the CEO of the world’s largest wrestling company, “WWE.” She began her professional career in New York as an account executive for the WWF offices before taking on the roles of the organization’s head writer & director of creative writing. 

Stephanie initially joined the organization as a model for the sales & merchandise division. She also worked at the company’s reception desk, did the creative design for television, produced it & performed in the ring during her early years there. 

After then, in 2007, McMahon received a promotion to executive vice president of Creative. Likewise, she attained the position of senior vice president of creative writing in 2006. She was promoted to executive vice president of creative one year later.

McMahon served as the business’ chief brand officer from 2013 to 2022. Not only that, following her father’s retirement in July 2022, Stephanie was appointed chairperson & co-CEO of WWE together with Nick Khan.

Quick Facts About Stephanie McMahon:

Full Name Stephanie Marie McMahon
Date Of Birth September 24, 1976
Height 5feet 8inch
Parents Vince and Linds McMahon
Husband Triple H
Profession Businesswoman and professional wrestler
Title Chairwoman and co-CEO of WWE

Stephanie McMahon Plastic Surgery – Before And After Pictures

Stephanie McMahon received plastic surgery, such as a nose job and several other surgical procedures to improve her appearance. She had chest surgery when she was considerably younger.

McMahon participated in a couple of sports during her junior high years. She danced as well. However, she did learn that she needed knee reconstruction surgery during that time. She also shared her before and after-surgery pictures on social media. 

Also, she underwent another surgery improvement almost twenty years ago. Her bust was swollen when she was 45, according to

On August 14, 2001, Stephanie revealed during an appearance on “The Opie & Anthony Show” that she had surgery the previous month before taking over as the fake owner of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). Stephanie also mentioned she was massaging her implants for medical reasons since they had enlarged.

Additionally, McMahon said, following a 2015 interview with Chris Jericho, why she decided to get a breast augmentation, stated that the procedure was something she chose to have done on her own and was pleased. “What had happened was that at one point in time, she was heavier & then she had lost some weight & she didn’t like the way she looked & wasn’t confident in how she looked,” she said.

Stephanie McMahon Weight Loss After Giving Birth To Her Kids

McMahon revealed that weight loss was difficult after she gained 80 pounds with the birth of her first child Aurora. The head of WWE’s creative division was interviewed by a website devoted to fitness & bodybuilding about her weight loss journey after the birth of her daughters.

Steph talks about gaining 70 pounds while pregnant & claims that she “ate like a champ,” but it was clear that she had to put in a lot of effort to get back in shape.

It took her a year to lose the weight; she visited a nutritionist. Stephanie said that the diet was okay, but she could consume many raw veggies. After Murphy & Vaughn were born, she met strength & conditioning coach Joe Defranco, who helped her change her body in the gym & Dave Palumbo, who assisted her with her nutrition. 

McMahon had no idea that, in addition to strength & conditioning exercises, a ketogenic diet and steady-state cardio would be the secrets to her success.w

WWE CEO Stephanie McMahon Diet And Workout Transformation

Stephanie McMahon discusses the exercise and diet plans she follows at the advice of famous strength and conditioning coach Joe DeFranco in a post published on wrestlingnewsworld.

Stephanie has undergone a significant shift since she began working out. Her coach Joe said she had shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle issues from bad adaptations in her body brought on by old wrestling injuries, childhood dance & being a mother of three children.

Additionally, Joe said that his first objective was to get her body working and feeling better as a result. McMahon’s coach began to train her like an athlete to achieve this. Her body needed to function as a unit rather than as a collection of individual pieces. 

Together with Stephanie’s persistent diligence and attention to detail, the program Joe created for her has been a prescription for success. She is now stronger and slimmer, and she can train without restrictions.