The Untold Truth On Josh Primo Girlfriend Sophia Coppel

Josh Primo, a Canadian wonder kid, is a professional basketball player. He is dating his girlfriend, Sophia Coppel, as the bombshell hits on the exposure.

Following the allegation by a former San Antonio Spurs employee that the ex-Spurs guard Josh Primo exposed himself to her, the 19-year-old was released from the club. 

Primo, a young and promising basketball star, has been waived from his contract by San Antonio, and the decision to do so was revealed on Friday. However, a little information about the reasoning behind the team’s decision to pick up the third-year option has been disclosed by representatives of the team.

The abrupt and startling decision to release Primo on Friday night pointed to the depth of the concerns surrounding the talented 19-year-old athlete. The decision was a reflection of the fact that Primo was let go.

On Saturday, October 29, Tony Buzbee, an attorney, told ESPN that he had been hired by a lady who claims Primo exposed himself to her when she was working for the Spurs. For the misbehavior cases, Buzbee served as counsel for many women.

Josh Primo And His Girlfriend Sophia Coppel Relationship

The relationship between Josh Primo and his girlfriend, Sophia Coppel, has been going strong for some time now.

Sophia, in her early 20s, deems herself a public figure, unlike her recent Ig account, which is private. 

She is a Hispanic-American and has aspirations to be a model. Sophia is also a TikToker and social media star.

Some speculate her connection with the recent accusations on Primo. However, considering the situation, it’s fair for her to make her social media accounts private. 

On top of that, the backlash, comments, or even threats are evident these days as the situation is already out of hand. One of the best in the business, Tony Buzbee, represents the alleged victim. He was the same lawyer representing the women in Deshaun Watson’s lawsuit.

Josh Primo And Coppel’s Relationship Timeline

They are pretty loud about their connection, and unlike other athletes, the pair have made their romance public. They are very vocal about their relationship and do not hesitate to upload pictures of them on social media, especially on Instagram. 

On the other hand, very little is known about her, and the beginning of their affinity is unknown. Coppel’s Instagram teems with pictures of him and occasional images with her lover.

Joshua Primo, a shooting guard from Canada and a former basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs, has been spotted several times with his lover Sophia on the streets, holding their hands. 

In addition to shooting baskets, he has been aiming his arrows straight toward Sophia Coppel’s beating heart. These two have been seeing one other for quite some time now. Sophia is not his wife, as they are not married yet. Besides, they are both very young, and getting married is not on the table for the time being. 

Regardless, he has shown some degree of reluctance to divulge many private facts about their relationship and the likes and dislikes of her companion, Sophia. Following the recent allegation of exposure on Josh Primo, Josh and Sophia made their Instagram private. 

One of two things: either she has some connection to this, or she is trying to shield herself in advance from the inevitable onslaught of curious onlookers who will demand answers regardless of whether or not she has any. 

Josh Primo Released By Spurs Following The Exposure Allegation

After allegations of exposure, the Spurs released Josh Primo from his contract, according to the club statement.


On October 28, 2022, the Spurs decided not to keep Primo on their roster and released him. The next day, it became public knowledge that Primo reportedly exposed himself to more than one woman.

The club waived him on Friday, October 29, but they gave the reasoning in the club statement a day later on Saturday. It has been reported the Spurs dismissed Primo’s contract stating “multiple alleged instances of him exposing himself to women.”

Most people who follow the NBA were either perplexed by the decision of the Spurs to waive Primo before the news came out on Saturday. Primo eventually issued his statement, saying that he was seeking therapy for mental health issues to deal with the effects of prior traumatic experiences and asked for privacy.