Was DJ Kay Slay Vaccinated Against COVID? Here Is An Update On His Hospital Visit

DJ kay Slay was not vaccinated against covid before he was hospitalized. 

DJ Kay Slay has reportedly died after struggling with Covid for four months. Tributes pour in for the artist, but people are wondering if he had ever been vaccinated against the disease or not.

Was DJ Kay Slay Vaccinated Against COVID?

As per some sources, DJ Kay Slay was not vaccinated against covid. A hip-hop producer and promoter, Van Silk talked about the DJ’s health when he was first reported to have been hospitalized from the infection, writes

The news was first announced by Wack100, who uploaded a picture of the artist and wrote an emotional caption asking everyone to pray for his health.

Following that announcement, Silk opened up about Slay’s health. He said he had tried to persuade him to get vaccinated many times, but he had not taken any doses.

As a result, when the omicron surged worldwide, the infection caught him. As a result, his health deteriorated to the extent that he was placed on a ventilator.

It could be possible that he may have been vaccinated after being hospitalized, but there is no update about it. Nevertheless, doctors recommend the infected person get the vaccine after getting their health back to normal to keep the vaccine distributors and related staff safe.

Some theories suggest that getting the jab during the infection may cause the vaccine to perform less than usual. Nevertheless, it may be possible that Kay was given the dose.

DJ Kay Slay Dead In Hospital- What Happened?

DJ Kay Slay has died in the hospital after suffering from Covid for four months. Days after Wack100 posts on IG, the 55 years old’s brother, Kwame Grayson, had said that Slay was recovering.

Things had started to look positive, but now suddenly, the news of his passing shocked everyone. Although his family has not provided the exact details behind his death, many believe it could be covid.

Many of his friends, family, and fans had been praying for his life for the last few months, but it seems he has lost the battle.

Details About DJ Kay Slay Illness

DJ Kay Slay, the 55 years old DJ, suffered from covid illness. He struggled for four months before bidding goodbye to the world.

It is saddening to see the artist leave the world. His friend and fans have been paying tribute to him as they mourn his death on social media.