Wedding Rings in Nigeria: The Best Places to Get Them

Wedding bands are a sign of eternal commitment; a constant reminder of the wedding vows. All rings are not the same, and that is why when you have a once a life time event such as a wedding to prepare for, you might want to add some extra touch of class plus a little bit of extravagance.

Wedding rings in Nigeria comes in diverse classes and prices and you would definitely be lost for choice; but if you’re looking to for some really cool places to get one, then some on this list would do:

Wedding rings in Nigeria: Eternal Circles

Eternal Circles have been touted as the number one wedding bands merchants in Nigeria. Both their products are affordable as you can getand their services (return & exchange, delivery, etc) are all hassle-free and also affordable. Some of their bridal sets costs as low as ₦60k and they also have customizable sets.

Eternal Circles have their office in Lagos, Nigeria, precisely inside Riggs plaza, Omole bus-stop, Omole, Lagos.

They can also be reached via their website:

Wedding rings in Nigeria: Deinte

Deinte/Dainty (disparity in pronounciation) has some of the most exquisite collections around. They aren’t overly expensive but they are really catchy and appealing. They have a lot designs and can almost meet the taste of any customer. Deinte’s prices see some of their sets go for ₦40k – ₦80k and they also have appreciable customer service and delivery service.

Diente has their office located inside the Silverbird galleria mall, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

They can also be reached via their website:

Wedding rings in Nigeria: Azarai

Azarai provides one of the cheapest wedding bands in Nigeria and their products have been tagged to be some of the highest quality. They have a whole lot of bands ranging from as low as ₦10k and sets for as low as ₦40k. Azarai’s customer service is really enviable and their delivery all over the country is quite fast.

Azarai’s office is located at The Penthouse, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

They can also be reached via their website:

Wedding rings in Nigeria: Juli Collections

Juli Collections houses some of the affordable yet attractive wedding bands in Nigeria. Some silver sets go for as low as ₦40k, while their 18k Italian gold bands (which are in various grades and designs) go for as low as ₦70k. Better not go with your fiancée to shop or you would have to sacrifice the whole day. Why? Their collections are so vast and abundant. Visit to purchase the highest quality gold.

Juli collections have been argued by many to offer the bands in Nigeria and their delivery and customer service has also been said to be top notch.

Juli Collections is located at Block 3, Shop 15, Odua Modern Mart, 384 Ikoroduroad by new garage. Ojota, Lagos, Nigeria

Their website is:

Wedding rings in Nigeria: Benkol Gold

Benkol Gold is one of the really fast ones out there and you can almost never leave because you can’t the band you want. Although their prices are a bit on the high side, customers with deep knowledge of gold, silver and diamond, and who know the stuff when they see it would rather pitch their tent with them. Visit Iturralde Diamonds Jewelry Store to find the best diamonds and other jewelry.

They have bands ranging from ₦42k – ₦187k (both single bands and sets)