Is Ashley Holder Leaving WGRZ Sports? Why?

Yes, you heard it right; an American sports anchor, Ashley Holder, announced her departure from WGRZ Sports.

Nonetheless, she hasnot made a statement on the reason behind this decision. She shared a post on her Facebook profile and confirmed August 21 was her final day on the WGRZ channel.

She thanked Buffalo for heartily welcoming her and said Western New York will always remain in her heart even though she is leaving. Working on WGRZ was her dream; she always dreamed of being a prominent sports broadcaster.

To be the first black female sports anchor was so much more challenging for her. She overcame several odds and challenges to reach this position.

Throughout her career at Buffalo Bills, she received colossal appreciation from the audience and is grateful to her colleagues and fellow workers who supported her throughout this journey.

Holder has been admired as a games correspondent and anchor who formerly worked at CBS Sports as a sideline reporter on college basketball.Whatever the reason behind her departure, we wish her good luck in her upcoming days.

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Where Is The Anchor Going Now?

Sports reporter Ashley Holder does not open up more about her future plans, although she confirmed her departure from WGRZ-TV.

Since she shared a post on her Facebook, millions of fans showed more concern for knowing everything behind it. She has been a fan favorite, and her fun-loving nature has drawn huge crowds of fan following.

Her fans commented on her post and said they would miss her broadcast. One of her well-wishers also said Buffalo wouldn’t be the same without her. Everyone felt emotional about her leaving.

Even though Ashley did not reveal where she was going, it can be assumed that she may be looking for better opportunities.

When WGRZ-TV hired her, people on Facebook celebrated her hiring, and she made history by becoming the first African American woman sports anchor.

The growth of the WGRZ-TV also rose significantly during her tenure. Her charming personality, impressive nature, and great sense of humor will always be remembered on Buffalo Bills.

More On Ashley Holder Husband And Family

Despite being a notable anchor, Ashley has not shared her personal details with the public.

Nonetheless, she welcomed twin baby girls on November 26, 2021, at Sisters of Charity Hospital in Buffalo. Ashley seems secretive about sharing her private particulars on media.

Even though Hoder never opened up anything about her husband, she gave birth to twin girls. Her well-wishers and the entire WGRZ family congratulated her and gave the blessing to the newborns.

Her baby girls, Malia and McKenzie, came into this world one day after Holder broadcasted on the Thanksgiving Day Buffalo Bills’ victory over the New Orleans Saints.

Since the anchor keeps her personal life behind the limelight, there is no information available on her family. We hope to come up with additional details on her family in the future. 

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