What Does Robert Lawler Look Like In Long Hair? Look Transformation And Clothes

You can see how Robert Lawler looked with long hair in the below-attached photo taken from his fighting profile.

The picture is taken from Sherdog, which is known for the wide range of information that it has on different fighters. While the actual date of the shot is unknown, it was most likely taken at least 15 years ago.

During the early phases of his MMA career, Robert had long natural hair like anyone, but the fighter eventually suffered from hair loss as he went through aging and maturity. Throughout his career, the athlete has had various look transformations, and his clothing style has changed in these years too.

How Did Robert Lawler Lose His Hair? Did He Have A Hairfall Condition?

Robert Lawler lost his hair due to a natural hair fall condition that he faced in the early phase of his career.

The fighter gradually started losing his hair in his 20s. Throughout the years, the situation worsened as he underwent several phases of hair loss to the point at which the fighter went completely bald in the front of his head. The details of the exact type of condition are not known.

Although the information is not well classified, it seems Lawler didn’t opt for a hair transplant procedure but has decided to stay in his natural condition. Regarding some people’s queries, the situation is thought to be the latter if it is his style or a natural hair loss.

What Happened To Robert Lawler?

Robert Lawler has suffered various injuries during his long career, but none are reported to be long-term or major.

As a regular fighter, it is pretty imminent that Robert has suffered some nasty cuts and injuries throughout his career. His Wikipedia mentions all types of significant damages he faced at different times. These include a hip injury he suffered in 2003 and a thumb injury in 2015.

Aside from that, the Wiki page depicts Robert’s hand injury in 2019 and other minor injuries. None of them are believed to be long-term or to have a long-term impact on the combatant.