What Happened To Ellie Egan? Better Homes And Gardens Australia Cast

Ellie Egan, a well-known member of the Egan family, appeared on the Australian lifestyle program Better Homes and Gardens.

She died on January 10, 2022, at the age of 20, while being around her family. From her mother’s Facebook account, she was an incredible, charming, and lovely young lady who loved spending time with her family.

Her diagnosis is not made public, but she has been under medical assistance for over five years.

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What Happened To Ellie Egan?

Ellie Egan passed away in January of 2022, aged 20, after a year of her brother’s untimely death. Her family hints that she was diagnosed with some illness, but they have not shared more details about the terminal disease.

Her final rites and funeral were conducted on St. Bernadette’s Dundas.

She was born on May 30, 2001, to her Australain parents Scott Egan and Jenni Herrenberg Egan.

“Our precious Ellie went away this morning at 11:42 in the company of her entire family at home. We still find it hard to believe her five-year ordeal is over. She did it so brilliantly, with so much love and grace.

“There is a lot I want to say about our extraordinary kid and her path of blessings, and I will when the time is right. We are inconsolable yet ecstatic that she is finally being rewarded for a well-done job.

‘I am very grateful for everyone’s prayers and support, which have been invaluable throughout the years. El, we will always love and miss you more than words can express. My sweetheart, soar high with Zacky.” —his Mother Wites on Facebook.

The posts show that she loved cats and usually spent time with her family. She is really missed among her close ones.

On her GoFundMe page, her family commented, “Can’t wait to see you all there.”

By 2022, AUD 116,413 had been collected for Ellie and Zack’s relatives. The target is to raise around $150,000.

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Ellie Egan Cast On Better Homes And Gardens Australia

Both Ellie Egan and Zack Egan were on the cast of Better Homes and Gardens Australia. 

An Australian television program called Better Homes and Gardens that airs on the Seven Network is based on the same-named magazine that Is Media publishes domestically. The program covers a wide range of themes connected to lifestyle.

These include cooking, DIY, DIY projects, pet care, gardening, landscaping, architecture, home renovation, and shows with celebrity guests. Johanna Griggs, a former Commonwealth Games swimmer turned television anchor, has been in charge of the program since 2005.

Better Homes and Gardens received a record-breaking 12th Silver Logie Award for the Most Popular Lifestyle Program in Australia in 2014.

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Ellie Egan Brother Zack Egan- More On Her Family

Zack Egan, brother of Ellie Egan, died last year on June 28, 2021, aged 17. 

“Our sweet Zack died quietly at 7 p.m., surrounded by his loving family, who prayed for him to enter the protective arms of God. We appreciate your prayers and will keep asking God to grant our boy’s soul a sweet rest.

His family said on his GoFundMe page, “May God return you all 100-fold for all your prayers, generosity, love, and support.”

It is really that two of the most extraordinary members of the Egan family left the world so soon.

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