What Happened To Lui Calibre? Details On The Youtuber’s Abuse Controversy And Allegations

Lui Calibre is a celebrated YouTuber popularly known by the moniker YourHeroes. His voice has been described as a high-pitched “squeaker.”

Halo and Red Dead Redemption were his first video gaming experiences. He frequently recorded videos of occasions like lunar and solar eclipses.

Calibre continued to play games like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and Minecraft. He went to the San Diego Comic-Con in 2014.

Furthermore, he often collaborates with VanossGaming, Daithi De Nogla, I AM WILDCAT, Terroriser, and Terroriser.

What Happened To Lui Calibre?

Maltreatment and sexual misconduct were alleged against Lui Calibre. After being accused of abusing and exploiting women while utilizing his popularity, he has vanished from Youtube.

Over ten months have passed since Lui last posted a video. He used to compile films of himself playing many video games, including Super Smash Bros., GTA Online, Far Cry Primal, and Just Cause 3.

As reported by Distracify, Calibre’s ex-lover, Syanne, claimed that she was just 18 years of age when she initially met with him.

Based on Syanne‘s claims, he frequently slandered and verbally insulted her. The YouTuber cut her off from her friends and started a poisonous relationship with her.

He threatens to ruin young girls’ lives and use his popularity to do so. The ladies were also allowed to learn about and discuss the matter that revealed the Youtuber’s habit of illegal behavior.

To put it another way, he would give Syanne sentiments that how she couldn’t trust him. And that only he was trustworthy for her when she started to trust individuals outside of their relationship.

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Insights On Lui Calibre Abuse Controversy And Allegations

Lui Calibre’s controversy of harassment began when his girlfriend tweeted about his toxic behavior towards her on 22 June 2022.

Along with Syanne, other women have exposed him as well. Young ladies and occasionally teenagers were the victims of his crimes.

In his Twitter response, Lui called the allegations “false,” insisted he never had an account on the websites, and provided a Crows Of Judgement video claiming his innocence.

Then he started calling them out and labeling those who had made films about him, such as Prison Mate Luke.

At the same time, his subscribers and fans say that the charge is untrue. Because of these uncertainties, he does appear to have lost some gaming fans and influence.

He also appears to have his act together, as there has been no more investigation into his case. Additionally, many of his Twitter followers and fans are reevaluating those claims.

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Where Is YouTuber Lui Calibre Now?

YouTuber Lui Calibre is now in San Diego. He has maintained a low profile and hasn’t uploaded on his YouTuber channel for a long time.

Meanwhile, he is available on Instagram as @luicalibre with a verified account with 865K followers and 30 posts.

On 24 July 2022, his latest video was posted on his IG and captioned, “Does Lui eat?”

Many of his admirers have left comments on his Instagram post asking why he hasn’t updated his YouTube channel. We might infer from this that he has a lot of admirers.

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