What Happened To Ric Flair? Is American Wrestler In The Hospital?

Flair suffers from alcoholic cardiomyopathy, a cardiac condition. The American professional wrestler underwent surgery in Georgia on August 14, 2017, to remove an obstruction in his intestines.

This procedure had several unintended consequences, the most serious of which was renal failure, which required dialysis and required Flair to remain hospitalized.

On September 21, he received a release from treatment and was permitted to go home. Despite still having a pacemaker in his chest, he miraculously recovered. The WWE icon declared that he would avoid situations that would put him in danger and would not fully return to the way of living that almost cost him his life.

Where Is Ric Flair Now? 

Ric Flair proclaimed a comeback while demonstrating his incredible physical condition. To accompany the announcement, Flair shared a photo on Instagram.

This summer, at the age of 73, the legendary wrestler from WWE will return. He announced Monday that and will participate in a celebration on July 31 at the Nashville Fairgrounds.

Furthermore, it featured the “Nature Boy” flexing his muscles and seeming ripped. For Flair’s final appearance in the ring, neither the opponent nor the kind of match-up has been decided.

Beginning in 1972 on the now-defunct American Wrestling Association, Flair began his illustrious career. On the other hand, the Tennessee Titan’s stint in the WWE and WCW may be best remembered.

Ric Flair Wife Wendy Barlow

The American professional wrestler Ric Flair’s fifth wife is Wendy Barlow. The pair got married in September 2018 at a resort in Florida.

Barlow is 62 years old, the mother of four children, and was born on May 7, 1960. In 2011, Wendy revealed that she had been overseeing Ric Flair’s sons on the independent circuit in an interview with the World Wrestling Insanity podcast.

1993 saw Wendy and Flair meet in WCW. Under the ring name Fifi the French Maid, Wendy performed as a valet for Flair. She then appeared on Flair’s discussion show, “Flair for the Gold.” Before getting married in 2018, the couple had a long relationship.