What Happened To YouTuber Yamimash? Drama And Controversy Surrounding Him Explained

Yamimash is a YouTuber who, at the beginning of his career, was recognized by many people, but his fame declined after many factors leading to his negative fame.

Yamimash, originally known as Aaron Ash, is a Youtuber who is well known for playing a variety of horror games. Yamimash began uploading videos in 2009.

At first, he didn’t do them as commentary, but then he gave it a shot. His first subscribers were just for COD and GOW, but in 2012, he opened up to other games. Yamimash then explored Slender and other terrifying games, where he became quite popular.

Similarly, he does not only play horror or puzzle games as he is interested in Pokémon and Minecraft as well. Yami has played a lot of scary games. He’s played MAZE and Hotel 626, which is possibly the scariest game ever made.

YouTuber Yamimash Controversy-What Are The Allegations Around The Web Star?

Youtuber Yanimash’s career took a turn back in 2016 when he got various allegations. He was the center of attention due to the scandal, but it did harm to his gaming career.

A YouTuber, Keemstar, posted a video exposing that Yamimash was flirting with an underage girl, to whom he sent photographs of his private parts.

Following that, Yamimash posted the video “My Side Explained” with his ex-girlfriend, claiming that they had dialogue but that he did not send any explicit photographs and accusing her of being an attention-seeker. A single complaint was enough to derail a YouTuber’s career.

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What Happened With Yamimash? Is She Still Active On The Web?

After the allegations and scandals Yanimash received from Keestar in February 2017, he released another video titled “My channel is gone.” He also ceased releasing videos in early October 2017.

He began releasing videos in early 2018, albeit at a slower pace, and he currently produces a cooperation playthrough after numerous solo plays.

Yamimash’s popularity appears to have fallen since the issue, with a considerable decrease in views, and then the other YouTubers he used to collaborate with have ceased creating videos with him.

He attempted to return to the channel, but his efforts were futile because he was unable to ignite his channel. His subscribers were also dwindling, and he was gradually becoming a ghost of his own past.

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Where Is Yamimash Now? 

Yamimash seems to be now posting videos on Twitch, and since 2018 he has also started to upload videos on Youtube.

In August 2021, Yamimash wrote a message on his Twitter account with a selfie explaining that he may return one day to produce videos or stream, but it will not be on a regular basis as it was previously and will most likely be a “part-time affair.” Despite his lack of engagement on Twitter and YouTube, this gave his admirers a glimmer of optimism.

Recently, he uploaded a video to say thank you to his supporters for leaving nice comments in the comments box. He thanked amazing people for their support despite all the things.

He posted a lot of videos in 2021, but he was unable to attract a lot of people, which resulted in very few views.