What Illness Is Bill McGurn Suffering From -Where Is He Now?

Bill McGurn is not ill, but the recent publication of his articles on the political spectrum made everyone think that he might have made a wrong decision.

Bill McGurn is a member of The Wall Street Journal editorial board. He is also known as William McGurn.

Every Tuesday, he contributes to the journal’s weekly “Main Street” piece. He formerly worked for President George W. Bush as Chief Speechwriter.

Bill McGurn’ Illness -Is He Sick?

Bill McGurn is not ill. Moreover, there is no such information about his health condition on his social media profiles.

McGurn has worked as the Wall Street Journal’s lead editorial writer in New York. He worked abroad for more than ten years in Hong Kong for the Asian Wall Street Journal and Brussels for The Wall Street Journal/Europe.

He also served as the Washington Bureau Chief for National Review in the mid-1990s.

Bill is the author of a monograph on terrorism and the book “Perfidious Albion,” which is about Hong Kong (“Terrorist or Freedom Fighter”).

He has a BA in philosophy from Notre Dame and an MS in communications from Boston University. Mcgurn is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

He began working for the American Spectator as managing editor. He relocated to National Review in 1989, serving as the Washington Bureau Chief from 1989 until 1992.

Where Is Bill McGurn Now?

Bill Mcgurn now lives with his wife Julie Hoffman in Madison, New Jersey. They have three adopted daughters from their time living in Hongkong.

Grace, Maisie, and Lucy were all adopted from China and now live with the Mcgurn couple in New Jersey home.

He has held many reputed positions as a journalist; he began working for News Corporation in early 2009 as CEO Rupert Murdoch’s speechwriter.

News Corporation acquired The Wall Street Journal in August 2007, and he was appointed Editorial Page Editor of the New York Post in December 2012.

In April 2015, he returned to The Wall Street Journal and began writing the Main Street column. He is also an executive at the publication’s parent company.

Previously, McGurn worked as the senior editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review from 1992 until 1998.

Later, he was hired by The Wall Street Journal as its chief editorial writer. In February 2005, he started working as a speechwriter at the White House.

In 2006, he was appointed President George W. Bush’s chief speechwriter. He left in February 2008 to take a visiting fellow position at Hillsdale College.