What Is iamcreepsone On Twitter? Account Is Trending For All The Wrong Reasons

iamcreepsone is a user on Twitter who shares videos that are usually creepy. 

The mass shooting at Buffalo is something that no one would be able to forget. Many incidents take place every day. And, people wish to find out about such happenings on the internet.

Usually, the graphic containing videos or images are not available on the web. But, some people get access to such content and share it on social media. One of them is iamcreepsone.

What Is iamcreepsone On Twitter?

iamcreepsone is a user on Twitter who shares videos related to accidents, protests, and gun violence. The reason why he has used the name may be because the content he shares is all creepy.

They are related to violence and usually have people covered in blood which some may find creepy. Twitter has suspended his main account because it violates the regulations.

But, he has recently shared the backup page, and it already has 24.9k followers. The contents on the main page are not visible to people who are not his approved followers.

However, there is another backup account where there are the clips he has shared till now. There is also a telegram link in his bio where he shares most of the contents, which are creepier than the one on Twitter.

Wyatt Coco Account Details- Is He iamcreepsone?

There is no evidence to prove that iamcreepsone could be Wyatt Coco. Although the rumors said his real name is Wyatt Coco, the user has not confirmed his identity yet.

He has social media account, and he uses the name Creeps One in all of them. Moreover, since he shares content that violates Twitter regulations, he may not reveal his details.

But, he has shared a picture of his face on his profile. People are even asking him if he has the video of Buffalo’s mass shooting. But, he has not responded to those queries yet.

 iamcreepsone Shares Shooting Video At Chile Protest

iamcreepsone shared a shooting video of the Chile protest. A woman was shot in the head when she was recording the protest.

According to Guardian, she is a Chilean journalist who has died of her injuries while reporting Workers’ Day marches on May 1. Her name is Francisca Sandoval.

The 29 years old was reporting in Barrio Meiggs, a run-down market section in the heart of Santiago, when a group of men opened fire. A bullet pierced her visor, and she struck to the ground after the bullet was shot in her head.