What Is Kelly Tshibaka Ethnicity? Politician And Husband Niki Tshibaka Together Have Five Kids

In the state’s primary for the Senate, Kelly Tshibaka won a position in the general election. Following Alaska’s new open primary system, she garnered enough votes to move on to the general election in the coming fall.

Tshibaka announced her candidacy for the upcoming Alaska U.S. Senate election on March 29, 2021. Although, on August 16, she won the primary ballot, her eyes were still on the forthcoming November election.

Kelly began her work at the Department of Justice as a Special Assistant to the Inspector General. However, there is a buzz about her ethnicity and personal life on the internet. 

Kelly Tshibaka Ethnicity, Is She Belong To The Caucasian Race?

According to her birth certificate, Kelly Tshibaka was born in Alaska, United States, on September 5, 1979, making her 42 years old. She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and is all American in the sense of nationality.

She is a highly devout and conservative Christian who has pledged to impose her conservative Alaskan traditions on the entire United States. She was born and raised in a pious Christian home.

Every holiday, including Father’s Day and Christmas, the senatorial candidate is photographed with her family for her future senate campaign. The politician’s family comes together to support her in her political endeavors.

Meanwhile, her husband, Niki Tshibaka, is of a white ethnic race. Having graduated from Harvard Law School, Tshibaka was a fellow commissioner who worked for the Department of Justice.

Who is Kelly Tshibaka Husband Niki Tshibaka? 

Kelly Tshibaka married her husband, Niki Tshibaka, in the early 2000s. And it has been almost twenty years since the couple tied the wedding knot in a church in Alaska.

According to his Linkedin, Kelly’s spouse, Niki, works in a Human Resource department at the Municipality of Anchorage in Alaska. He is multifaceted and has experience as a leader, government official, attorney, public speaker, advocate for social justice, and priest.

The pair wed in 2001 at a church in Alaska and have been together for more than twenty years. Recently, they could be seen on the politician’s social media accounts enjoying Valentine’s Day together and advancing her campaign.

Kelly’s husband attended Harvard Law School, like the conservative politician herself, and practiced law before becoming a government employee. He was a Washington, D.C.-based attorney with Wiley Rein LLP before getting hitched to his bride. While serving as a Senior Trial Attorney for the US Department of Justice, he wed Republican leader Kelly.

In addition, Mr. Tshibaka served as a priest for more than ten years in Alexandria and the Mid-Atlantic region. However, in 2019, he was chosen as the deputy commissioner for the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development.

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Alaskan Senate Kelly Tshibaka Is A Mother Of Five Kids

Kelly Tshibaka has five children with her husband, Niki. The couple lives in Alaska in a family of seven, parenting and nurturing their five kids.

But besides her rise in popularity, she chose to keep her children outside the media world. Thus, no information regarding their children is available on the internet except for some pictures she shared.

The 5 feet 8 inches tall politician and her husband have three sons and two daughters. One of her son’s names is Joseph. Whether she gave birth to all children or some are adopted has not been reported.

Since they are constantly willing to assist her in promoting her campaigns, it appears that the family is quite supportive of her desire to run for Senate in Alaska. She has gained a lot of supporters in Alaska thanks to her positive family mom and wife reputation.

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