What Is Kitty Scott Claus’ Real Name?

Kitty’s real name is Louie Westwood. Birmingham was her favorite place to grow up. She found the excitement of entering the center of town. It was like an escape from her boring childhood spent in school.

She frequently moved because she attended school in Sutton, Walsall, and later Lichfield. She enjoyed going to school, but more so for the social aspects and meeting her friends but she detested having to complete her homework.

She never experienced bullying in school, but she knew how different she was. While everyone else wanted to succeed in business or get rich, she only wanted to make others laugh.

How Much Is Kitty Scott Claus’ Net Worth?

No authentic sites have disclosed Kitty’s net worth.

Like everyone Kitty also suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic; all of the shows she had scheduled for the foreseeable future were canceled when the pandemic initially started.

She was fortunate enough to support herself as a full-time queen before Covid, so going from that to nothing, with no source of income for the foreseeable future, was terrifying for her.

The upcoming year will be incredible because she will be touring all over the country, and, in the second half of the year, there will be an official Drag Race UK tour, which will be wonderful.

She participated in the third season of Rupaul’s Drag Race. She had previously tried out for Season 2 but didn’t make it, and since she firmly believes that everything happens for a reason, she is happy that the stars finally lined up and she was given a spot in Season 3.

She believes the show does an outstanding job of telling real queer stories and bringing them to the public’s attention. 

Kitty Scott Claus Has A Supportive Family

Kitty is one of the six children of her parents. She always put on a show when she was younger, performing impressions while singing and dancing. Kitty’s parents recognized her early talent as an entertainer and decided that stage school would be an excellent fit for her.

She began taking speech and drama lessons in elementary school and always looked forward to the school performances. She later attended stage school on Sundays and became active in local youth theater groups before attending drama school in London at 18.

She studied musical theater and attended a drama school. She didn’t, however, want to perform the tedious boy parts. She aspired to portray characters from Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods, Chicago’s Roxy Hart, or Wicked’s Glinda.

Her family was not at all performance-focused. They all attended university and studied challenging courses like accounting and engineering.

Her family is very supportive of her decisions, and they are very proud of her.

Kitty Scott Claus Had A Different Drag Name Before

Kitty considered a variety of names before deciding on the one she is presently known as. She used to go by the name Madonna Kebab. After that, I changed to Chelsea Bun or a Burger Queen, but nothing stuck.

She has a wide variety of tiny sayings, and she noticed that anytime someone was being catty, she would exclaim, “Oh, kitty’s got claws!” The name was born there. Now she is known as Kitty Scott Claus.