What Is Tyler Stanaland Illness? How Old Is Selling The OC Realtor?

Tyler Stanaland has entered reality television, thanks to his new role in the cast of Netflix’s Selling the OC.

The series, a spinoff of Selling Sunset, follows Jason and Brett Oppenheim as they grow their business, The Oppenheim Group, to include Orange County in California, where there are even more multimillion-dollar luxury houses available for sale.

In addition to being on the show with his fellow cast members, Alex Hall, Brandi Marshall, and Polly Brindle, Stanaland, the husband of Pitch Perfect actress Brittany Snow, is at the center of some significant drama with Kayla Cardona.

With his rise in fame, here’s what we know about his illness, wife, and career highlights. 

What Is Tyler Stanaland Illness?

Tyler was diagnosed with a severe auto-immune condition that created ulcers in his big intestine in 2012 while on a surf trip to Mexico and endured excruciating abdominal discomfort.

When a routine test punctured his bowel and mistakenly made him septic, that diagnosis quickly became life-threatening.

Even after seven operations and nearly a hundred days in the hospital, Tyler wasn’t ready to give up surfing.

Tyler has recovered and is now back in the water, taking the surf head-on and embracing life more than ever. Tyler has been given a new lease on life and a second chance at his surfing career.

“I frequently remark that it was the best/worst thing that has ever happened to me. It provided perspective in a way that only an encounter like that can. It made me realize what a blessing life is. I owe everything I am to that journey, which improved every aspect of my life, ” he said. 

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The Real Estate Professional Is 33 Years Of Age

Multiple online outlets claimed that Tyler Stanaland is currently 33 years of age. As per Page Six, he is three years younger than his wife, Brittany Snow, who is currently 36 years old and a pitch-perfect actress. 

Tyler Stanaland, a skimboarder and surfer from Laguna Beach, is familiar with the relaxed California way of life.

His life was centered around the ocean because he was raised by a mother and father who were both avid surfers and lived in an area with steady surf.

Before returning to school, Tyler sought a professional surfing career, spending his days exploring the globe and seeking out swells.

The Former Surfer Married Wife Brittany Snow In 2020

The star of “Selling the OC,” Tyler Stanaland, isn’t ready to let the public see inside his nuptials to his wife, Brittany Snow.

On Wednesday’s episode of the podcast “Reality Life with Kate Casey,” he said, “I don’t know about the future.” You won’t see my house or my wife during this particular season.

Following a relationship of two years, Stanaland married the 36-year-old “Pitch Perfect” actress in March 2020.

The 33-year-old real estate expert, a professional surfer, said as he entered the unplanned setting that he “wanted to keep certain portions” of his life “secret.”

“We met through mutual acquaintances, but we first started communicating through social media. “I slid into her DMs,” he stated.

“But there were certain points of connection where we knew each other, and then all of a sudden, it ends with the most awful pick-up line ever. She eventually left her job, and we got married.”

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Selling The OC Star’s Net Worth After Leaving Family Business

Basically, multiple online sources claimed his net worth is close to $350,000. However, it’s expected to rise due to his rising fame from the show “Selling The OC.”

Tyler Stanaland, who left his family business after working for 12 years to be a part of the show, has reportedly been dealing with The Oppenheim Group.

He recalled, “I remember the first time I contacted Jason to discuss the program, and it quickly felt more like friends catching up than a boss-employee interaction.”

Furthermore, his largest transaction to date was the $19 million sale of a house to Mark Cuban of Shark Tank.