Where Are Justin and Diana From The Amazing Race Now?

Justin Scheman and Diana Bishop are an Engaged team from The Amazing Race 27.

The 27th season of The Amazing Race featured Justin Sherman and Diana Bishop as competitors. When they competed, Justin and Diana, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, engaged couple were touted as the second-place winners.

Justin stated to Reality TV World that he planned to wed by the end of 2016 once the series finale aired. Diana agreed that even if they were to elope, they would get married by then.

Justin and Diana, who were superfans before the race, exploited their in-depth familiarity with the event to their advantage, dominating with seven victories, including five straight wins, on their way to the final three.

Where Are Justin and Diana From The Amazing Race Now?

The couple Justin and Diana were described as being from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Currently, Justin Scheman is a morning radio personality. Diana Bishop teaches the sixth grade at the moment.

Now that they have their own family, the couple is living a happy life. The two eventually got hitched, and Diana posted a picture of her bridal bouquet in October 2016, which suggests that they were married at that time.

Additionally, a Reddit user commented on Justin and Diana’s performance on The Amazing Race. Sincerely, Justin seems to be having the most fun. He was enjoying himself with the inhabitants and the surroundings at every stage of his journey.

They had good reason to feel confident despite being so. They controlled almost two-thirds of the field. Even at that point, they had recovered a staggering amount of time in light of the taxi ordeal and were dangerously close to catching Joey and Kelsey.

Even now, they are parents to two children. Charles, who they refer to as Charlie, was born to Justin and Diana on December 19, 2018.

Long before they competed, Justin Scheman and Diana Bishop were die-hard fans of The Amazing Race. To ask Diana to marry him, Justin even created a phony Amazing Race competition.

Therefore it was a dream come true for the engaged pair when they were cast on Season 27 of The Amazing Race, and they went on to place second in the competition.

Justin And Diana’s Age & Family Background

On November 24, 1975, in the Bronx, New York, Justin Scheman was born. He is an actor best known for his roles in Little Cupid (2019), A Holiday Homecoming, and Welcome to Hope (2021).

Diana was also born on January 29, 1985. As of 2022, Diana is 37 years old and Justin is 47. The couple’s age difference is 10 years.

Justin enjoys playing video games, traveling, and gaining new skills and talents. Diana similarly enjoys reading, arts and crafts, and traveling.

Justin and Diana frequently share photos of their family on social media, and in October 2020, they made a significant announcement that they had been hiding: they are expecting a second child in February 2021!

Justin wondered, “How did I get so lucky,” while posting a picture of Diana just two days after the announcement. Aw! They currently have two children and are a happily married couple.

Justin shared these incredible pictures of his two sons dressed for Christmas in December 2021. He frequently uploaded family photos to his Instagram account.