Meet Corbin Carroll Parents: Mom Pey-Lin and Dad Brant

Corbin Carroll was born to his parents; his mother, Pey-Lin, and father, Brant.

Born in Seattle, Carroll grew up playing baseball for as long as he can remember, and his parents never stopped him from pursuing his passion. They are his biggest supporters and have worked hard to ensure their son becomes a successful pro.

Fast forward to now, and Corbin just collected his first game in Major League Baseball. It was an emotional and enjoyable moment for the player and his parents as they witnessed his growth from an early age.

However, this journey was filled with moments of doubt and failure like any other successful one. Pey-Lin and Brant had to wait for a long time to get a college team take in Carroll, mainly due to his height. The recruiters often asked the parents if the kid would grow taller, reports The Athletic.

They stayed strong through these moments and always motivated the outfielder to do more. And from the recent achievement, we can safely say that Carroll’s parents’ work and support have paid off. Due to this support and closeness, the player shares a close bond with his parents and sister.

Meet Campbell: Corbin Carroll Sister

The Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Corbin Carroll has a younger sister named Campbell.

She is 17 and grew up alongside her older sibling Corbin and other parents. Like his parents, the baseball player also shares a good relationship with his sister as it is a sweet family of four where everyone looks out for each other.

Carroll has often been vocal about his family, as he always thanks them for a part in his success. In those mentions, Campbell is also a meaningful name. Since she is still in her mid-teenage years, Campbell is probably in the final years of high school.

Corbin Carroll Age: How Old Is The Baseball Outfielder?

The baseball outfielder, Corbin Carroll, is 22 years old.

He was born on August 21, 2000, in Seattle, Washington State, to his caring and supportive parents. Growing up, he quickly caught an interest in baseball and has been playing the sport from an early age.

Throughout the years, Carroll has developed into a fine player and a good personality with clear set goals and honors.