Who Are Enya Umanzor Parents? Facts To Know About The American YouTuber

Enya Umanzor is a famous Youtuber, social media influencer, and content creator from the United States of America. She has her own Youtube Channel under the username “Enya Humanzor,” with more than one million subscribers.

She is also often seen posting videos to her YouTube channel. The youthful social media star, who had previously used Vine, joined the YouTube media platform in 2014. Since then, she has been active on the network, regularly releasing lovely beauty and fashion clips.

Umanzor is a very outgoing young woman who is currently adored by a large number of people worldwide. As she gained popularity, followers were eager to learn more about her. Let us find out more.

Meet Enya Umanzor Parents

Enya Umanzor was raised in Miami, Florida, by her parents. She was raised by her father after her mother abandoned her when she was six years old. So far, the well-known American YouTuber hasn’t revealed her parents’ names or any other personal information to the public.

Enya’s father adopted three kids over some time. He also has a brother and a sister. She also shared many images of her parents on her Instagram story in honor of Father’s Day.

In the following post, the influencer commended her father for his years of dedication as a parent and a mother. She has been referred to as a “nepotism baby” by many Reddit users.

Similarly, despite her fortunate upbringing, some have voiced concern over her cosplaying as a person in poverty. The YouTuber Enya Umanzor has a video on her channel devoted to her mother, who passed away.

In one of her videos, she discussed her mother’s death and the influence it had on her life. According to her video, her mother passed away in January, although she has not revealed the cause of death.

Enya Umanzor’s parents always encouraged her career, and she worked hard and consistently to achieve her goal of becoming a well-known YouTuber.

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Enya Umanzor-Age And Birthday

Enya Umanzor celebrates her birthday on January 22, 1999, and will be 23 years old in 2022.

Enya posts content on fashion, makeup, and beauty. She rose to fame on Vine, where she gathered over 500K followers. Enya Umanzor released her first Vine video, titled “This Fandom,” on November 20, 2013, and she also secured a contract with the A3 artist’s agency to receive representation across the board.

She then enrolled at North Miami Senior High School, graduating in 2018. We assume that, at her age, she is a college student who is working hard to earn her degree.

Enya Umanzor is of mixed ethnicity. Her parents are Irish and Honduran, respectively. However, because some individuals claim that one of their parents is Cuban, the information has frequently been misinterpreted.

Are Enya and Drew a couple?Boyfriend And Relationship

The famous YouTube star Enya Umanzor is currently expected to be in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Roy Blair. Enya and Drew are not dating but are long-term friends who have been featured in each other’s Youtube videos.

In 2017, the couple began dating and have been together ever since. Enya, in addition, is not afraid to post photos of her boyfriend on Instagram.

Longtime friends, Phillips and Umanzor, have both been active online for about ten years. They’ve established themselves as influential people with unique senses of humor. Umanzor launched her podcast, “Radio Is Dead,” in 2017.

Even though it only had two episodes, fans adored it. For many years, calls for the revival of “Radio Is Dead” littered Umanzor’s comment sections across all platforms.

But there is no proof to confirm if the couple is in any kind of romantic relationship. So, it is guessed that Enya and Drew are not dating but are long-term friends who have been featured together in numerous videos.

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