Who Are William and Zachary Zulock? Georgia Couple Arrested For Exploiting Adopted Children

A Georgia Couple, William and Zachary Zulock, have been convicted of using their two adopted kids to create child vulgarity and sexually abusive acts.

Walton County Sheriff’s Office received information about them and carried out a search at their home in Loganville, Georgia, on July 27. When they reached there, a man was downloading child porn. After interrogating him, they learned about another man who was involved in sexual abuse material.

Who Are William and Zachary Zulock? Georgia Couple Arrested

As mentioned above, William and Zachary Zulock have been arrested in charge of producing homemade child sexual abuse material with their two adopted children.

Around 11.30 pm on July 27, Walton County Sheriff’s Office police inspected the home of William Dale Zulock and Zachary Jacoby Zulock. They learned about their disgusting activities with the two young brothers who lived there.

The adoptive fathers were doing such an insane act with their children, engaging in sexually abusive acts and video documenting this abuse.

Walton County’s Division of Family and Child Services made an association with deputies to ensure the safety of the young brothers safe. The latter were suffering a lot from their so-called fathers.

The officers found evidence against the couple, and they are kept at the Walton County Jail. Both shameless men were indicted for aggravated child harassment, sexual abuse of a child, and using a child for vulgar purposes, as per WSBTV.

William and Zachary Zulock Linkedin And Facebook

According to Linkedin, Zachary Zulock is a branch coordinator at SunTrust who began working on 2005 and is a native of Snellville, Georgia.

He has been working with this company since July 2019, and before joining, he used to work as a Universal Banker / Subject Matter Expert (SME) at PNC. Besides having a successful career, he has been involved in audacious crime. Is not this creepy?

Although we do not find the Linkedin profile of 32 years old William Dale Zulock, he seemed to have a good educational and professional background.

Both have a Facebook account and frequently share their picture on their social media handles. After knowing their nauseous activity, people commented on their photos and said they should get the death penalty.

William and Zachary Zulock Wedding

The Georgian couple, William Dale Zulock and Zachary Jacoby Zulock referred to as a married pair, but their wedding date is unknown.

Zachary, who is 35 years old, mentioned he was married to William Dale Zulock on his Facebook account, while William said they met for the first time on August 4, 2013. They have been together for nine years and adopted two children.