Who Is Aida Osman Brother Samson Goitom?

Samsom Goitom is the only sibling and brother of actress, Aida Osman, who is 11 months apart from her.

Aida never got to live her life with her biological father but had to live as the daughter of her step-father Yacoub Idris and her mother  Semira Osman along with her only sibling, her brother, Samson Goitom.

Samsom being the brother of the actress was close to her and they shared an amazing bond before his untimely death. Unfortunately in March 2017, Aida’s brother Samsom passed at just the age of 21 years.

In an interview, the HBO Max Rap the Sh!t actress, had confessed to being born 11 months apart from her brother, while still her mother, Semira would spin the narrative to tell them that they were adopted. The siblings had their mother all along their journey and the absence of a father figure was fulfilled by step-father Yacoub with whom they are bonded well too.

According to gossipnextdoor, Aida talked about her brother being autistic, non-verbal, elliptical, and suffering from leg cramps which needed the leg braces to help him walk a bit properly. Going through all these tremendous complications, Aida’s brother Samsom passed away.

Samsom passed away and left everyone alone at the young age of 21. The death of her brother at a such young age was very hard to believe for her. Aida was reported to go through a lot during the time of her brother’s death, as the pill was really hard to swallow.

After a couple of days, Aida used her power as an actress and came up to aware people of what her brother’s story was. She addressed that she was more than grateful for the life she got and her heart ounces for her brother as she had to take care of him since she was just 8.

As Aida had to take care of her brother from a young age, she never developed any selfishness and always warmly treated her brother. She told the story about how she was there for him the whole time of his life as their mother needed to go to her work.

Despite the condition of her brother, Aida loved him dearly and still believes that he is watching her and guiding her in every path of her life as a guardian angel.

As Samson died in the year 2017, however, the cause of death was later revealed in 2020. Through her Twitter account, Aida confessed that her brother died due to the lifeguard’s inattention and poor pool design.

Aida Osman’s Boyfriend 2022 And Net Worth

Aida Osman is living a life as an actress which has made fans question her having a boyfriend and also the net worth she has collected.

Aida is an African-American beauty born in 1997 making her 24 years old currently. The popular actress has her life open in front of her audience. Aida is a marvelous actress with great skills and voice pitching which is why she is loved by the audience a lot.

There are no rumors about Aida being in a relationship currently but to everyone’s surprise, Aida accepted to be identified as a Queer and openly expresses her feelings in front of others.

Aida is known for her being a fine actress and a comedian which has opened a way for her to earn a hefty sum of net worth. According to sources, Aida has a total net worth of around $350,000-$500,000.