Love Is Blind Cast Alexa Alfia Age and Birthday

Alexa Alfia from Love Is Blind actual age is 27 years old, she was born on September 28, 1995. 

She was born to a Jewish-Israeli family in Dallas Texas and grew up alongside her five siblings. She has an older sister, two younger brothers, one younger sister, and one step-sibling in the family. Her youngest sister’s name is Emma. She might have had quite a childhood taking care of her younger siblings while her parents worked. 

Alfia’s father’s name is Adam but her mother’s name has not come to the surface yet. Her parents divorced when she was just a small child and her father subsequently married Morgan. Alexa is on good terms with her stepmother but has never shared anything about her biological mother on the web. 

While the insurance agent claims she took over her mother’s company, Allstate Agency, as a third-generation agent in the family. She has never really revealed much about her mother including her name and whereabouts in 2022. 

Alexa graduated from Tel Aviv University and earned her bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies in 2016 before jumping straight into owning and running an insurance company. 

Alexa Alfia Job & Career

Alexa Alfia has a well-paying job as an insurance agent and business owner. 

She is the third-generation insurance agent in her family and took over her mother’s company and position in 2017 according to Esajaelina. She has been working as a business owner and insurance agent right after her college graduation. 

While her professional life looks very bright, she also loves volunteering and working for the community. She loves being surrounded by people and being able to help her community brings a smile to her face and peace to her heart. She helps her community with personalized insurance plans. While working with the community she has also gathered knowledge about the type of plans people around her need and prefer. 

Her LinkedIn profile does not have any other job experience listed for Alexa, she has jumped right into her family business after graduating from university. Currently, Alexa has kept aside her profession and has embarked on a rather personal journey of finding love with the television reality show Love Is Blind. 

Alexa Alfia and Brennon, Are They Still Together?

Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux fell in love together quickly but they might have called it quits even faster. 

The two were among the first couples to fall in love, they even did not take all the ten days allocated for dating in the specially designed pods. The couple moved swiftly on their relationship and were all smooching and talking about their love at a cocktail party in episode 4 of the show. 

Their hotel room conversations were also not as awkward and fans actually believed the two might hit it off effortlessly. Love Is Blind fans were rooting for the couple as they looked adorable together. Overall, they were the most cohesive couple in the show. 

However, post-episode 4, the teaser looks worrying for the couple. According to Bustle, Alexa and Brennon also do not follow each other on Instagram anymore suggesting the couple is no longer together. Neither Alexa nor Brennan has revealed anything about the fate of their relationship. 

Things started to fall out once the couple started discussing their family. While Alexa revealed her family was loud and all joking and swearing around the dinner table, Brennon’s family was a quiet type and had conversations at the dinner table. They quickly found out their families might not get along which could be one of the reasons for their possible split. 

Some FAQs

What Is Alexa Alfia Love Is Blind Age?

Love Is Blind cast Alexa Alfia is 27 years old, she was born on September 28, 1995 in Dallas, Texas.

Who Is Alexa Alfia?

Alexa Alfia is an insurance company owner and agent better known as the cast of television reality show Love Is Blind.

Are Alexa Alfia And Brennon Lemieux Still Together?

No, Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux are no longer together as the couple has already unfollowed each other on social media.

What Happened Between Alexa Alfia And Brennon Lemieux?

Alexa Alfia And Brennon Lemieux have had a solid start in Love Is Blind but they fell apart once their family got involved.