Who Is Anthony Mazurkiewicz? Veteran Police officer Shot To Death

On Thursday night, Anthony Mazurkiewicz, a police officer, died. He was the commander of a tactical unit. Besides, Anthony’s colleague, Sino Seng, was ambushed. Sino Seng is released from the hospital after being treated for his injuries. 

During the attack, a female bystander faced injuries at the scene. One person is responsible for the shooting. The authorities have not disclosed whether the suspect is in custody or not. 

Officer Marurkiewicz and his partner Sino were the victims of the ambush. The duo was the victim of the violence that surrounded the community. The police officers were trying to resolve the violence surrounding the community. 

Police Chief David Smith, alongside Mayor Malik Evans, stated at a Friday morning news conference. According to USA Today, he was shot once in the upper body. Officers went to the hospital in private cars. 

However, Mazurkiewicz succumbed to his injuries and died. The mayor declared a gun violence emergency in the city due to the continuation of fatal shootings. 

Anthony Mazurkeiwicz Wife And Family 

Mazurkiewicz’s wife has not been disclosed, but they seem to have a close relationship. His wife also seems to be serving in the force. He was not able to share his last moment with his wife. 

The officer’s family members are shocked and devastated by the attack. They are going through sadness and grief; thus, community members provide sympathy and condolences for the officer. 

Nonetheless, his death has motivated him to have strict gun control in the community. The violence has given a wrong impression to the police force.

They were responsible for subduing the conflict. On the contrary, falling victim to the ambush has gravitated the sentiment of officers toward the wrong side. 

The police have stated that it is an ongoing investigation. The police department has urged the community members who have seen or heard anything to come forward and give their statements. 

Furthermore, Anthony’s partner and the female bystander recovered from their physical health. Nonetheless, the event might have been traumatic to witness the death of a partner while being injured. 

Anthony Mazukiewicz Age 

He was in his 50s. The officer had worked in the force for 29 years.

Mazurkiewicz had many arrests on his belt. The officer was expected to retire in the coming months. He was eligible to retire after serving in the force for more than 20 years. 

Moreover, he was a decorated and respected officer who was loved and respected by his colleagues, peers, and members of the police force. The unexpected tragedy has brought sadness to the police force family. 

The Rochester community and police force have sympathized with the victim’s family. They are likely to hold memorials of the fallen members of the police force. 

He was a veteran officer who treated, respected, and honored the code of police. Nonetheless, the cowardly ambush had taken the life of one of the great heroes of the NYC police force. 

Furthermore, the wife and family members of the police force are likely to secure the officer’s pension. Similarly, the community has risen to provide appropriate financial help to the force victims.