Who Is Bobby Kootstra? Everything To Know About Katherine Ryan’s Husband

Katherine Ryan’s husband, Bobby Kootstra, is her teenage boyfriend who turned into her husband after more than 20 years of separation.

Bobby dated Katherine in Canada as a teenager; however, they had to split away their separate ways considering future endeavours. They came together after two decades in 2019 and are currently in a civil partnership.

As a purchasing and technical consultant, Bobby has served at the Magneto Electric Service company for more than seven years. During his early days, Bobby was part of American football, and he had to split away from Katherine to pursue a further career in football.

The couple currently lives in Hertfordshire, England, with their daughter and a son. Moreover, as of July 2022, Katherine and her husband Bobby were expecting their third child together.

Quick Facts On Katherine Ryan’s Husband, Bobby Kootstra

Name Bobby Kootstra
Age 39
Daughter Violet
Wife Katherine Ryan
Instagram @bobby_k__
Occupation Consultant
Net Worth ~ $ 200 thousand

Who Is Katherine Ryan’s Husband Bobby Kootstra?

Katherine Ryan’s husband, Bobby Kootstra, is a professional technical consultant and financial manager.

Bobby is better known as the husband of Katherine Ryan, a comedian, writer and actor based in the United Kingdom. He rose to fame after his relationship with Katherine was made public in 2019.

Bobby Kootstra was born in Canada and grew up playing football. He always wanted to pursue his future career in football. However, his fate led him to become a technical consultant engineer. Bobby and Katherine attended the same high school and were childhood sweethearts again united by a legal marriage.

After over 20 years, they met at the pub when Katherine returned to her hometown while filming the television program. Their meeting at the pub paved the way for their teenage love to blossom again.

What Is Bobby Kootstra Age?

Bobby Kootstra is 39 years old same as his wife Katherine Ryan, who was born in 1963.

Comedian Katherine celebrates her birthday on June 30 with her family members and close relatives. However, unlike Katherine, her husband was also born in Ontario, Canada, and ended up joining the same school during childhood.

Booby and Katherine also have a 12-year-old daughter from Katherine’s previous relationship. Currently, they live together with their daughter and one-year-old son, who was born on June 2021.

The 39-year-old Bobby is much more caring and admiring and supports his wife in her daily life activities. He works for the Magnetic Elector company, whereas his wife is a comedian and actress popularly known for her roles in television shows.

Bobby Kootstra And Katherine Ryan’s Daughter Violet

Bobby Kootstra lives with his family, including a 12-year daughter from his wife Katherine’s previous relationship.

Violet often appears on her father Bobby’s Instagram posts. She is accompanied by her younger brother Frederick. She is currently attending schooling in Berkhamsted, England, where she resides with her parents.

In 2019, she was present with her mother in Denmark to attend Bobby and her mother’s marriage ceremony. She is happily a lucky daughter of Bobby and Katherine, enjoying her childhood with her younger brother and loving parents.

Moreover, Violet also attends the comedy shows with her other Katherine. On February 2022, she proved to be a perfect peacekeeper when audience members started fighting during the show. She took the stage at the Leicester Comedy Festival to settle the audience and helped her mother during the performance.

Bobby Kootstra Net Worth

Bobby Kootstra is estimated to be worth $ 200 thousand as a technical consultant, according to Famousage.

He earns a significant net worth that supports his daily life activities. However, unlike his wife Katherine, a famous comedian and actress, he is a jobholder who makes his living based on his salary.

However, his wife Katherine is estimated to have more than $ 4 million net worth, reports Celebrity Net Worth. She earns her living as a comedian and actress. She is primarily known as a regular team captain on the British comedy show 8 Out of 10 Cats. Moreover, she also has stand-up comedy on Netflix, which made her even more famous.

Bobby Kootstra On Instgaram

Bobby Kootstra is active on Instagram with the username @bobby_k__ and more than 30.9K followers.

He mainly prefers to upload family pictures with his wife, daughter and son on his IG profile. However, Bobby is happier with his newborn son, Frederick, and most of the time is seen with his son.

Katherine and Bobby are well-known couples in Canada and England due to their closeness and love. Katherine is also present on her Instagram and has accumulated more than 846K followers. Both Bobby and Katherine primarily share their personal and professional life on Instagram.

Some FAQs

Who is Bobby Kootstra’s wife?

Bobby Kootstra is married to his wife, Katherine Ryan, a comedian and actress based in the United Kingdom.

Does Bobby Kootstra have any children?

Bobby Kootstra has a 12-year-old daughter Violet and a 1-year-old son Frederick.

How much is Bobby Kootstra worth?

Bobby Kootstra is estimated to be worth around $ 200 thousand, reports Famousage.

How old is Bobby Kootstra?

Katherine Ryan’s husband/partner, Bobby Kootstra, is 39 years old.