Who Is Comedian Nabil AbdulRashid Wife? Facts To Know About His Married Life

The sensational Nabil Abdulrashid is one of the best in the comedy business touching lives with his impactful subject content.

His befitting take on heavy matters such as racism, Islamophobia, fascism, Islamic humor, Gang culture, Stereotypes, and Human interaction has attracted the humor-loving crowd to his shows.

With such immeasurable talent, Nabil was the youngest black comedian to perform stand-up at the Hammersmith Apollo when he was 25 in 2010.

Apart from his live shows, he has been a part of many well-known TV shows such as “Britain’s Got Talent” and “Celebrity Masterchef.”

Meanwhile, he has performed on other big platforms, including “BBC Radio 1,” “Comedy Cafe,” “Comedy Store,” “Jongleurs,” and “Choice FM Comedy Club.”

Comedian Nabil AbdulRashid Wife- Who Is His British-Pakistani Partner?

The humorous star Nabil Abdul Rashid is a married man with a British-Pakistani-Punjabi wife, according to his Wikipedia.

They tied the knot in September 2011 and have been together for over a decade. He had taken it to his Twitter handle to announce his tenth marriage anniversary with a bit of religious humor.

His partner is known to have stayed away from her comedian husband’s fandom and expansive media pursuit, and Nabil respects her decision.

His 2020 tweet confirms that the main reason behind his wife’s public appearance on the web is the antiblack abuse.

Fearing such an internal conflict within his community, the “Muslims Like Us” star has kept his family and children away from the limelight.

Abdulrashid and his wife have two young daughters from their union. The couple is dedicated to the sincere upbringing of their children, while the comedian-father balances his career and family.

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Update: Nabil AbdulRashid Family Continues To Thrive In Privacy

The record-setting comedian was born Mohamed Nasir Nabil Abdul Rashid bin Suleman Obineche on September 3, 1985, to his affluent parents in North London. 

His father is a medical doctor, while his mother is a businesswoman turned politician. With such a noble background and reach in numerous fields during his upbringing, Abdulrashid was enlightened at a young age.

Interestingly, Obineche senior studied medicine in the Soviet Union, now Russia, under the special training of African doctors by the Soviets. He had spent some time during the Russo-Afghan War.

The doctor then moved back and forth between England and Nigeria, where he married his second wife, Abdul Rashid’s mother.

When the comedian was a young child, this family traveled around the world and grew up in private school education. They finally settled in South Croydon, England, in 2006, and six years later, Rashid graduated from St. Mary’s University College, Twickenham.

Today, he thrives in England with his new family consisting of his wife and daughters. As a man with a broad sense of world culture, he aims to raise his daughters as equals and fighters.

Abdulrashid often shares his parenting stories with his followers on Twitter, the recent one being a fight between his daughter and her bully.

His daughter fought against her bully, hoping the incident would become a lesson for every parent.

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Stand-Up Comedian Nabil AbdulRashid Net Worth In 2022 Is Impressive

Nabil Abdulrashid is a proud man of his work and mainly introduces himself as a “stand-up comic and generally a stand-up guy.”

Since his early days, this acclaimed comedian has devoted himself to the field and stands at the top of the ladder today.

With his ever-busy live show and tour schedule, Abdul earns well to fend off his financial problems and also of his family.

His shows are mainly jam-packed with all ticked sold out around his U.K. tour, as seen on his official website. Hence, he earns quite some big numbers and has stacked the same in his account.

Undoubtedly, the comedian Abdul is a millionaire among his pals as a best-selling comedian. Once convicted of fraud in a drug importation case, Abdul turned his life around as of 2022.

He has evolved into a man with a top-notch reputation and creativity throughout these years.