Who Is Devrim Lingnau? Meet The Actress Who Plays Sissi on The Empress Netflix

Devrim Lingnau is an actress who plays the role of Sissi in The Empress Netflix. Here is everything to know about her.

Devrim started her career as an actress in 2014 by debuting in the television series, Fluch des Falken and since then, she has made many television appearances. The actress was born in 1998 in Manheim, Germany but has worked in the American film industry.

Devrim worked hard in her life and career to grab the roles because she is famous worldwide. Some of her well-known series is Under Suspicion, Carmilla, Borga, and many more. Nowadays, she is also gaining massive media attention due to her presence in the 2022 Netflix show, “The Empress,” as the main character Sissi.

The latest series, The Empress, is a historical drama starring two significant characters, Devrim and Philip Froissart, released on September 29, 2022. Devrim is essential in the series as the female lead throughout the story. She stepped into the acting field years ago and now has polished herself to be a fine actress who can mesmerize everyone with her magic.

She has played different roles in many series and movies and is set to stun the audience with her role, Sissi, in the brand new series. In this article, let’s dig in about actress Devrim Lingnau.

Quick Facts about Devrim Lingnau

Full Name Devrim Lingnau
Birthplace Germany
Age 24 years
Occupaltion Actress, Ballerine
Height 5ft 5 inch
Instagram devrim.lingnau

Devrim Lingnau Wikipedia: Who Is Sissi on The Empress Netflix?

According to Wikipedia, The Empress is a historical series based on “Sissi,” played by actress Devrim Lingnau.

Devrim Lingnau is playing the role of Sissi on The Empress, which recently premiered on Netflix.

Devrim is a German-born actress who entered the world of acting in 2014. She is among the most versatile actresses in this field. Her dedication to her work and her emotional portrayal grab the audience’s attention. She has worked with different actors and actresses throughout her career and sharpened her skills.

This time she is playing the role of Sissi in the historical series The Empress. Recently, Netflix has been making super-hit historical shows like Crown, Bridgeton, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, and many more. So, this banger wouldn’t disappoint as well. On the top, Devrim’s role as the Austrian Queen Elisabeth, better known as Sissi, has already gained much popularity and praise for her acting skill just from the beginning of the show.

The actress has shown her talent and potential to the audience in different ways, which has helped her to make a place in everyone’s heart. However, before making big in the American Tele-series, she had already started her career as a child actress in Germany. Devrim did her first shoot at age 15, and since then, her career as an actress has been established.

Devrim Lingnau’s Age

The Empress actress Devrim Lingnau is 24 years old as she was born in 1998.

Devrim has been in front of the camera since she was 15. However, she has never disclosed her birthdate until now, but looking at the graph, she has turned 24 years old since her acting career. Her mesmerizing beauty is also proof of her hitting her adolescence.

The actress was born in Manheim, Germany, and raised there by her parents. According to IMDb, she is taken to a Turkish father and a German mother. Her parents are of mixed ethnicity, so she is bilingual and knows how to speak Turkish and German. The 24-year-old, the Turkish meaning of her name “Devrim” is “Revolution,” which is most commonly given to a boy.

From her childhood, Devrim was interested in dance and acting, which led her Academy of Dance at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Manheim, and continuing her studies. Later, she also joined the State Academy of Fine Arts and started studying Liberal Arts.

Devrim Lingnau’s Boyfriend

Devrim Lingnau does not have a boyfriend, but fans dig her with fellow costar Philip Froissant.

The Empress series actress and Philip Froissant are both newcomers in the TV and they look good together.

But the 24-year-old actress seems single and more determined to make big in the industry and is working hard to establish herself much more. Currently, she wants a successful career rather than a relationship which is why she has not made a boyfriend.

She is active on Instagram under the username devrim.lingnau. We can tell that she is immensely in love with art. There is no posts that relate to her love life.

Some FAQs

Who is Devrim Lingnau?

Devrim Lingnau is a German actress better known for her roles in Auerhas, Carmilla, Borga, and more.

What role is Devrim Lingnau playing in the series The Empress?

Devrim Lingnau is playing the female-lead role as Sissi in The Empress.

How old is Devrim Lingnau?

Devrim Lingnau has not revealed her actual birthdate but as she was born in 1998 she is 24 years old.