Learn About Jill Martin First Husband

Jill Martin and Erik Brooks met on an online app in 2017. They fell in love and got engaged on May 2019. However, as per Martin, during the COVID-19 pandemic, they used to fight at all times.

While Brooks demanded her saying if things didn’t change, something might happen. Martin was sure he wouldn’t leave, but Brooks gave up on their fighting one fine day. The two parted their ways. After 16 months, Martin gave Brooks a call, and things started falling in place one more time. 

Yes, one more time, they fell in love. This time Martin has changed. And the couple got re-engaged. She was never married, and now Erik will be her first husband. They look happier this time after having a break.

Martin and Brooks are planning for their wedding. Martin says their parents are healthy and excited about the wedding. Martin is happy to return to Brooks, and they are in real love. 

Know Jill Martin Wedding Plan With Fiance Erik Brooks

Jill Martin and her fiance Erik Brooks are planning their wedding. On her FB page, on 21 August, she posted their photo, mentioning that they were marrying. 

She is wearing a hat, and Brooks is in a sea captain attire. Her caption reads, “The girl in the lobsta hat is marrying the man in the captain hat.. movie rights available for anyone interested.”

We congratulate both Martin, 45, and Brooks in advance. Though the couple had a few disagreements with each other and remained sometimes separated, this time, we wish their togetherness would last forever. 

Meet Jill Martin Children

Jill Martin does not have any children. She got engaged twice and got married finally. In 2019, she was diagnosed with fibroids. While having a routine gynecological examination, she discovered noncancerous growths on her uterus. 

Having fibroids, she looked like a pregnant woman. She struggled as she was physically distorted, having a bloated belly. Finally, she underwent surgery which helped her to recover from the disease. After living with the health issue for two years, she shared her experience with it in her essay.

She mentioned that viewers asked her if she was pregnant. She had a hard time having intercourse, and she would pee when she tended to laugh a lot. Anyway, her health was important, and we wish her good health ahead.