Who Is Lystra Adams Partner Ashleigh?

Lystra Adams opened up about her partner Ashleigh while revealing her jubilant love life at the RHOC reunion.

The gorgeous lady took the moment during the reunion to give an update about her life, where she spoke significantly of her girlfriend, Ashleigh. Fans were quite surprised to hear about her romantic connection since the lady had maintained tight secrecy.

So, hearing about her love interest out of the blue was unexpected for the audience. But they seemed happy to hear about the lady finding love and living a good life with her partner.

However, Lystra didn’t speak anything further about her girlfriend while speaking of their togetherness. Thus, any additional information about the RHOC star’s love interest remains a mystery.

What Is Lystra Adams Net Worth?

Lystra Adams is a millionaire with a net worth valued at more than $1 million, as reported by Starsoffline.

It mentioned her fortune was valued at a million dollars in 2020, and around two years after the valuation, the lady’s wealth has likely increased to some extent. So, we can expect Adams to have more than $1 million in worth, likely around 2 million dollars or more.

She is an entrepreneur and held a considerable stake at the restaurant firm Boujee before she walked away from the institution in September 2022. Besides that, the woman is also involved in other business ventures and activities, thus creating multiple revenue streams.

Hence, Lystra certainly has a pretty good net worth value even though there is no official verification of her wealth at the moment.

Who Is Lystra Adams Ex Husband?

Lystra Adams was previously married to her ex-husband, David Fox, who was the chairman of PP Control and Automation.

He worked there for 39 years before leaving the role in 2018, reports Reality Titbit. His Linkedin bio mentions that the man is currently self-employed and working as an executive coach at Blanford Fox.

According to the report by Reality Titbit, Lystra’s ex-spouse, David, also owns horses. His horse, Saint Are, finished second in 2015 and third in 2017 at a renowned horse race.

While Fox and Adams’s past relationship is well known, there is no specific details about their time together and the reason for their split.

Some FAQs

What Is Lystra Adams’s Net Worth?

Lystra Adams had a net worth of $1 million in 2020, so she likely has more than a million dollars in 2022.

Who Is Lystra Adams’s Partner?

Lystra Adams is in a romantic relationship with her partner, Ashleigh, as she revealed during the latest RHOC reunion.

Does Lystra Adams Have A Daughter?

Lystra Adams has a daughter named Jasmine who is 21 years old.