Who Is Mohammed Amer Mexican-American Wife? What Is The Comedian Net Worth In 2022?

Mohammed Mustafa Amer is an American standup comedian best known for his Netflix comedy show Mo Amer: The Vagabond.

Comedian’s one of the best roles is portrayed as one-third in the comedy trio Allah Made Me Funny. Mustafa was also featured in two seasons of Hulu sitcom Ramy as Muslim cousin Mo alongside the comedian Ramy Youssef. 

The Mo role portrayed by Mohammed promotes the art and understanding of the world’s diverse cultures through his comedy. He talks about the problems related to religions, terror, and current politics based on the lens of personal stories about his family and himself.

Amer’s elder brother played a vital role in becoming a comedian as his brother took him to see Bill Cosby’s performance at the Houston Astrodome when he was only ten years old. Then, at 14, he discovered his comedy at a Texas rodeo. 

He is always focused on his passion which leads him to participate in leading roles in high school theatre and began performing standup comedy by impersonating family members. Mohammed frequently performs at Houston’s comedy club to refine his act. 

Who Is Mohammed Amer’s Mexican-American Wife?

Mohammed Amer lives with his loving Mexican American wife and his stepdaughter in the heart of LA, California.

Mo’s wife belongs to mixed ethnicity, and the comedian describes his wife as the most loving and caring person in the world. Also, he loves spending his leisure time with his beautiful wife and daughter.

He never forgets to praise his wife in his interviews as he considers his spouse his main motivator and supporter. It seems like Mohammed is so much in love with his partner. Also, the couple looks strong and great together.

Moreover, the comedian is very protective of his family as he has kept their identity personal and very confidential. Also, he likes to keep his personal life private and live with his family without disturbance and interference from media personalities.

How Much Does The Stand-Up Comedian Mohammed Amer Earn Annually? His Net Worth In 2022

Mohamed Amer is a talented and successful stand-up comedian, and his net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $8 million.

Based on the information provided by Variety, the comedian Mo and Netflix are expanding their collaboration where a special stand-up and scripted comedy series will be released in the future. 

The average income of the stand-up comedian is estimated to be $48,536 in America, as reported by Comparably. Also, if the comedian is good at their work, he gets a bonus of $1,567, which is 3% of the salary. 

Mo’s hard work and dedication gained an excellent net worth as he lives a luxurious and prosperous life with lots of fortune. He has earned much love and money through his comedy profession. 

Mohammed Amer’s Parents’ Ethnicity and Family Background

Mohammed Amer was born and raised in Kuwait on July 24, 1981, in a working-class family with his five siblings.

A 41-years-old comedian is of Palestinian descent and the youngest among the six children. His father is an engineer and works for the Kuwait Oil Company, whereas his mother is a housemaker and looks after the home and children.

When Amer was nine years old, he moved to the United States with his mother, sister, and brother to prevent the Gulf War in Kuwait. In the United States, they settled in Houston, Texas. 

In 1992, Mohammed’s telecom engineer father joined them in Houston, Texas, United States. He attended school at Piney Point Elementary in Texas, whereas his older brother studied overseas. 

Amer lost his father when he was just fourteen years old. After his father passed away, he and his family member struggled a lot to fulfill their basic daily needs. The struggling life did not hamper their education as one of Amer’s brothers became a pilot, whereas another brother has a Ph.D. in biochemistry.