Who Is Nathan Fielder Girlfriend After Divorce From Wife Sarah Ziolkowska? How Rich Is The Comedian In 2022?

This past weekend, a country of HBO viewers re-experienced the exhilaration of watching a live television event in front of a sizable crowd.

In the HBO comedy docuseries The Rehearsal, Nathan Fielder assists characters in overcoming obstacles they may face in real life, such as making a confession to a friend or deciding whether to have children (or not).

Instead of motivating individuals with wise advice or a life-altering makeover, Fielder constructs a complex scenario, the titular rehearsal, that enables each person to practice their life event with actors, settings, and numerous other aspects meant to replicate the real thing.

Aside from this, after watching the comic play, fans of the comedian are curious about his personal life. Is Fielder seeing anyone?

Nathan Fielder Girlfriend After Divorce From Wife Sarah Ziolkowska

Although Fielder tends to be somewhat secretive, he has occasionally spoken about his relationships and current girlfriend.

After his divorce in 2014—which he alludes to in The Rehearsal—he announced in a 2017 Rolling Stone interview that he was “seeing someone.”

Fielder’s first marriage was to a children’s librarian he met while traveling in Canada. Any breakup is complex; he told the publication. “It was hard.” In 2017, Fielder declared that he would “not discuss it more” regarding his romantic relationships.

In a July interview with New York Magazine five years later, Fielder discussed his marriage and current love life. He said that he had first met his ex-wife at a comedy concert and that they had wed in 2011.

They got divorced when Season 2 of Nathan for You was being filmed. He admitted to the magazine, “I was like, Wow, I’m so horrible at life.” Additionally, he disclosed that he is “delighted” and is currently living with someone.

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The Comedian Was Born To Jewish Parents Deb And Eric Fielder

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Nathan grew up in a Jewish household with parents, Deb and Eric, both social workers. 

While attending Point Grey Secondary School, Nathan joined the school’s improvisational comedy group, of which Seth Rogen was also a member.

Fielder worked as a magician while still a teen and was part of Hollywood’s illustrious Magic Castle.

On May 7, 2013, he posted a tweet sharing a message to celebrate Mother’s Day. The post reads: “If you love mom, be sure you don’t forget Mother’s Day on May 19.”

Similar to this, he tweeted in March 2013 to share his encounter with his followers, writing, “Just overheard a dad saying “Don’t touch me” to his kid. I was wondering if I should step in and save the dad. Never mind, he just punched the kid.”

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His Impressive Net Worth In Rise With Comedy Docuseries The Rehearsals

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Nathan Fielder’s net worth to be $4 million. Much of his worth is generated from his career in the entertainment industry. 

After finding that the Canadian apparel brand Taiga had published a tribute to the Holocaust denier Doug Collins, Nathan launched the nonprofit organization Summit Ice Apparel in 2015.

The Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre receives 100% of the sales revenue from Summit Ice Apparel’s soft shell coats. The company generated almost $500,000 in sales in its first three months of operation.

Customers had the option of “trading in any Taiga jacket they have in exchange for a complimentary Summit Ice soft-shell jacket and ‘Deny Nothing’ pin” when Fielder inaugurated a Summit Ice Apparel pop-up store in Vancouver in 2017.