Raisa Kuddos Wiki & Age Explored

Raisa Kuddus, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on May 17, 1991, comes from a devoted family that originated in the lovely nation of Bangladesh.

Her father, whom she affectionately refers to as “Ba,” her brother, Noah Kuddus, and the rest of her close-knit family now reside in Utah.

Because of the courage she emanates and the sacrifices she makes for her family during her journey, Raisa is grateful to all of her family members, but especially to her mother. In June 2022, her mother suffered her third silent heart attack, but happily, she is now on the mend.

Raisa has a lifelong affinity for the outdoors and plants, thanks to her close relationship with her microbiologist father. Raisa stated that her father had taught her to view everything from atoms to the universe from a microscopic or vast perspective while discussing her inspiration for the show.

The 31-year-old received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with honors in Graphic Design from the University of Utah in 2013. She finished her minors in Design & Technology while she was a student.

She has sporadically volunteered for the charity Angels Hands, which supports kids with rare conditions. She likes to knit and play word and video games in her free time. Raisa is proud of her Bengali ancestry despite having grown up and resided in the US.

Raisa Kuddos Husband: Austin Coleman

In addition to working with Austin Coleman on the HGTV program, Raisa Kuddus is also romantically involved with him.

In late 2017 or early 2018, the professional athlete and builder first encountered Raisa in Salt Lake City during a sporting event after-party.

Raisa painted a mural during the same after-party, held at the design firm where Raisa was employed at the time, while Austin served as the event’s producer and judge.

“The first thing I noticed when I entered this party was a gigantic mural on the wall, which I was extremely enthralled with,” Austin said when describing their first encounter.

“I found it to be lovely. This artwork entranced me even though I was supposed to socialize with all the different athletes and stuff.” He spent a lot of time admiring the artwork before asking people at the party who it was by and was eventually directed to Raisa.

Interestingly, Austin’s first question to Raisa was whether she was the mural’s creator. 

The couple has been in a committed relationship for over four years and has started renovating their home as a logical next step, given their shared artistic interests. In addition, they both like traveling, skating, road trips, discovering new arts, surfing, etc.

Additionally, Austin and Raisa enjoy spending time with each other’s families and participating in enjoyable activities. The cute pair is happily married and resides in Tustin, California. We wish them nothing but the best for their future together.

How Much Raisa Kuddos Earn? Net Worth & Salary 2022

Raisa Kuddos’ net worth is estimated to be $1 million – $5 million as of 2022. 

Before beginning college, Raisa developed a significant body of professional artistic experience. She started her profession as an art instructor, which she kept up throughout her time in college.

After working as a graphic designer/assistant director of marketing, as the president of the University of Utah chapter, and as a teaching and printing assistant for graphic design history at the University, Raisa began working as the graphic designer at Radi8 Creative in June 2013, probably after she graduated.

Raisa quickly ascended the corporate ladder by working as the programming director at AIGA Salt Lake City from 2013 to 2016 and then for four years at Contravent until 2018.

She next relocated to the expansive city of Los Angeles in southern California, where she started working as a Freelance Designer in 2018 with numerous agencies in art direction, strategy, branding, and illustration. It includes McCann, Vestar, Epic Energy, Contender, Cosmic Pictures, Ore Design, and FirecodeLA.