Who is Sierra Hibbert Warner Robins Ga? Charges As Georgia Woman Rams Byron Police Car

Sierra Hibbert, a 24-year-elderly person from Warner Robins, was captured in Byron on Friday subsequent to driving foolishly and hitting a squad car while a little youngster was in the secondary lounge of her SUV.

Officials were searching for a SUV that was heading down some unacceptable path on Highway 42 in Byron. At the side of roadways 42 and 49, where Sierra’s vehicle was, witnesses halted it. Police said they attempted to converse with the driver, however she wouldn’t converse with them.

They put stop sticks under her tires to empty them on the off chance that she attempted to drive away. An official statement says that the driver originally hit a vehicle behind her with her vehicle, then, at that point, accelerated and hit a Byron Police vehicle.

Prior to driving north on Highway 49 with a punctured tire, the lady hit two observers and a squad car, as per reports. Before officials could stop her and arrest her, she had the option to drive down Highway 49.

Mugshots: Who is Sierra Hibbert Warner Robins Ga? A Georgia lady is charged after she hit a Byron squad car. Sierra Hibbert of Warner Robins, GA, was captured in the wake of driving foolishly and hitting three Byron police vehicles, an official, and two observers. Sierra’s reserving photograph hasn’t been disclosed at this point.

The division says that neither the police nor individuals who saw what happened were truly stung. Individuals who assisted the police in Byron during the traffic with halting were applauded by the police.

The Peach County Sheriff’s Office assisted with the present circumstance. They are additionally accountable for the examination and the crook argument against Hibbert.

Sheriff Terry Deese says that Hibbert has been accused of six counts of disturbed attack. Contingent upon the consequences of the examination, she could be accused of one include of seriously jeopardizing a youngster.

Sierra Hibbert was taken a gander at on Wikipedia. Sierra Hibbert doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, and there isn’t a lot of web-based about her life. Hibbert was born and brought up in Georgia. He was born in Warner Robins.

During the mishap, she might have had her little girl in the secondary lounge with her. The youngster’s age was not given, and the person in question was not do any harm.

Officials found her at the convergence of Highway 49, where they somewhat halted the SUV and put a Stop Stick under it to empty the tires. She wasn’t helping out them and wouldn’t converse with them.

Sierra Hibbert Twitter Video The odd occasion was gotten on a dashcam video that has been shared on Twitter. Bodycam video with sound shows that at first Hibbert would have rather not escaped the vehicle. He then said, “I sat idle,” which was nonsensical.

She continues saying, “I sat idle” and “I didn’t do anything you’re not kidding,” despite the fact that police and others are telling her that she nearly killed individuals and harmed police vehicles.

Dashcam video shows what happens when Hibbert pummels the SUV into switch on July 15 and raises a ruckus around town behind her. She then drives forward, hitting two observers and thumping one of them to the ground before the moving SUV.